Snow Plowing Software – Billing and Scheduling

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Snow plowing is a great source of extra income for landscape, tree and lawn care companies, but the downside is that the income is unpredictable. Plus, keeping track of all the jobs that need billed, before the next snowfall is challenging. Cash flow is at it’s lowest in the winter months, getting the bill out as fast as possible to your customers is critical to making payroll and other financial commitments. Snow plowing software can help you get ahead of billing so your not behind.

Snow Plowing Software and Dispatch Scheduling

A snowstorm is hard to predict for a weatherman.   When the snow storm hits in the middle of the night, crews are gearing up their trucks to go out and clear the drives and parking as per contracts.  No counting on office staff to be up at 1AM in the morning to schedule and dispatch jobs to the crews so that they can access information from a mobile app. Bottom line, no matter how great the mobile app is for crews is, if the service for plowing isn’t on the schedule at 1AM, the crew won’t be able to access it in real-time. This leaves the company with the old fashion option of “paper work orders”.

 The Headache with Paper Work Orders

The biggest problem with paper work orders is that they have to be processed and billing manually put in a system, like QuickBooks in order to generate an invoice. If you’re wanting to bill customers fast, this is a big “time suck” and requires a lot of manual entry. Plus, to track the profitability of jobs, companies are using Excel to enter start and stop times and that can take even more time to input and track.

Imagine a Better Way

Imagine in each crew’s truck  a three ring binder of paper work orders for all your snow plow customers. On each printed work order is the customer’s service for snow plowing neatly printed with a bar code. When the crew gets to each snow-plow job they scan the work order using their phone, and press “start” to activate a electronic work order of the job. When the job is completed they press “complete”. All jobs scanned are cued for the office staff to review for billing.

Billing Snow Plow Jobs FAST

Using a scan bar code method, the crews are out all night plowing and working, scanning and updating info in real-time. When the secretary arrives in the morning to do the billing, each job scanned is cued and marked completed. With a couple of clicks the secretary invoices, emails and prints hundreds of jobs at once. Better yet, all of the jobs invoiced go directly over to QuickBooks accounting. Now that’s snow-plowing software that makes billing fast!

The Problem with Most Snow Plowing Software

Most snow plowing software programs will require you to schedule the services in advance in order for your crews to access from a mobile app. Arborgold’s customer and job management software includes a mobile crew app (Mobile Crew QR) that is specifically designed for companies that have paper work orders yet need real-time updates on jobs that are completed. The Mobile Crew QR is the perfect app for snow plowing services that aren’t scheduled in advanced. The crews simply scan their work orders to update the office in real-time, plus “start” and “stop” times are recorded, giving you real-time numbers to track time on job profitability margins.

Check out Arborgold’s  Mobile Crew QR

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