Free Online Landscape Design Tool


Win more business from clients with a free online landscape design tool.

With so many companies competing for every project, the ability to win a higher percentage of bids becomes more difficult as new competition enters your market. Finding ways to stand out in the crowd of competition means you’ve got offer something different, go the extra mile, look better than the bids your competing against. So what can you do?

Include a Landscape Design and Win the Bid

Most landscape companies using MS Excel or Google docs as a free online landscape program to itemize the plants and material cost to the customer. Itemized proposals identify the cost, however a proposal that includes a landscape design identifies the value with price. Not to mention that presenting a drawing of the property gives your customers a birds eye view of the project and communicates detail in your proposal.

Bottom line is, offering your prospects a landscape design with the proposal will set you apart from the competition.   Your prospect and customers will notice your efforts and thank you by accepting their proposals.

Using a Landscape Design Tool

Landscape drawing tools offer 2D or 3D design options. Most landscape design tools are sold as one time license cost or ongoing costs (SaaS model). The software options to choose from include high end complicated to learn or easy to use but unprofessional for customer presentation. How do you find a free online landscape design tool? There’s not a whole lot to choose from when it comes to choosing a free online landscape design tool.  Arborgold has always included a landscape design tool with it's monthly subscription as part of the whole CRM and job management software.  Until now...

Arborgold Newly Released Free Online Drawing Tool

If you want to create 2D landscape design layouts for your customers that are fast and easy to use, you’re in luck. Arborold just released a free online landscape design tool.   Yes, yes, yes...its free to use! Some things in life really are free, and Arborgold’s online drawing tool is one of them! Arborgold’s free online drawing tool is now available to landscape companies and homeowners to create and save landscape drawings. If you’re a landscape company create your layouts and drawings to print and attach to your itemized landscape proposals.

Features in Arborgold's Free Online Landscape Design Tool 

  • Create beautiful job site illustrations
  • Selectable Libraries of houses, irrigation, plants, trees, shrub, lightening, hardscape.
  • Import Geo Satellite images of job sites for markup
  • Take pictures with your mobile device or import existing images
  • Freehand draw shapes and fill with color or patterns
  • Fill patterns include patio, brick, stones, grass, wood, mulch, etc.
  • Layering images up or down
  • Save and print drawings

Arborgold’s free online landscape design tool is available to use now.  Contact [email protected] to request your free account.