How to Use Flyers to Boost Lawn Care Jobs

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The 4 Steps to Designing Lawn Care Flyers

Lawn Care Business Flyer Example

It’s nearing the end of summer and fall is around the corner. New accounts are trickling in, but not fast enough to push your business through the winter cash flow slump.   Competition is tight, and every new bid is competitive. What can you do?

One key way to get ahead of the game is to distribute well designed lawn care flyers to your existing and potential customers and make sure they know the benefit you offer and the services you provide. 

Designing Your Lawn Care Flyers

Designing lawn care flyers is pretty easy to do using Microsoft Word or Publisher. Both programs come with templates you can customize with your own content. You can also get some good design ideas online. The most important part of the design of the flyer is that it grabs the homeowner’s attention with good written copy and a clear message about the benefits you offer.

The Written Copy

The written copy for your lawn care flyers should have a clear message, be right to the point. Draw attention to the benefits you provide. The best way to do that is to image you are the customer. What are they looking for? What problem are they trying to solve? Most lawn care customers want a nice looking lawn and fast. So your key benefit might be something like, “weed free lawn in 30 days” or “green lawn within a few weeks”. On the lawn care flyers,  be sure to  include a list of the key services you offer you customers.

Ideas for Distributing Your Lawn Care Flyers


One way to distribute the lawn care flyers is to use a mailing list made up of high-income homeowners that fit your target market. Mailing these direct through the post office can be quite expensive. That’s way it may be a better idea to consider the next two options.

The Local Newspaper

Most newspapers offer a local service to distribute your lawn care flyers in their weekly circulation at a one time reduced rate. This will get your message out to thousands of prospects at a reasonable rate.  It’s a good possibility that you can choose areas of town that the newspaper delivers to target select areas.

Canvas Neighborhoods

Make your lawn care flyers in the format of a door hanger and canvas high-income neighborhoods on foot. This is a bit labor intensive. But if sales are slow and employees aren’t busy it’s an option. Be aware that some neighborhoods may view this as solicitation and may have signs posted prohibiting you from leaving them on front doors.

I hope these tips and ideas help you put together your lawn care flyer and infuse some new sales this fall.

Resources to Create Lawn Care Flyers

Check out TurfBrands website, they can create you a nice looking, high quality flyer, brochure, door hangers at a reasonable cost.

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