Lawn care Software is the best time management tool for lawn care businesses!

We’re always looking to ‘make more time’ for our families, business and life interests in general. In many cases, our time is spent on mind numbing tasks that are necessary to make our business run more smoothly. Tasks like sending emails to your customers to remind them of payments or even analyzing the metrics of your email campaigns. In most cases lawncare business owners don’t even bother with the latter example.

Lawncare software is an effective way to “outsource” these tedious tasks without having to spend a small fortune and will actually save you time each week.

Imagine what you could do with four more hours each week because you don’t have to file, organize, invoice, anymore since it’s all on automatic.


Lawncare Software works on Autopilot!

That’s right! Lawncare software works on autopilot. It works as an added bonus to your workforce and since it’s hooked up to the cloud, everybody receives real time updates on location on any new work order.

For instance, if a sales rep closes a new client, every related department will automatically be notified with relative information. Your crews will know that a new project opened, a map of the location and a list of all the necessary tools will be added to the order form.

Your legal department will receive the copies of the contracts and your billing department will get all the necessary billing information.

Your sales rep will get an email to remind him or her to follow up with the customer. The customer will receive an email “thanking him/her for their business” and future reminders if the customer is a “repeat client”.

As you can see that the entire back end of the lawncare software is very detailed and will go through its checklist meticulously, reducing any “human error” such as misspelling words, misfiling and so on. These “mistakes” costs the company time and money which hurts your overall bottom-line.


Is time management software an affordable option?

All business owners always have to consider costs and opportunities. When it comes to lawncare software, you are definitely saving money as opposed to adding another cost. The reason why this software is a money saving investment is because it saves you money and reduces “office mistakes and inefficiency”.

By outsourcing these office tasks, you are allowed to focus on growing your business. How would two or four extra hours a week serve your business bottom-line?
In addition, since software has a fixed cost, you can work it into your budget and with the amount of time, you’ll be saving, the software essentially will be paying for itself.



When it comes to running your business smoothly, efficiently and with virtually no “office mistakes”, you can only imagine how much it will positively affect your monthly revenue streams. Never miss an invoice date, never misspell a name again. With powerful landscape software helping you out, you will allow your mind to focus on what matters…creating a strong business that will stand the test of time.

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