Is Remote Estimating the Wave of the Future for Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Industries? 

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A new wave of technology is on the rise, set to revolutionize the estimating process for tree, lawn, and landscape industries: remote estimating. This doesn’t necessarily involve geographically dispersed remote workers but rather the power of software automation to streamline estimating and proposal generation, transforming the way you operate in the office or even while on-site with a potential client.

Imagine you are working with a potential customer on a landscaping project. You chat with them, discuss their needs, and then—boom! Your landscape business management software automatically generates, manages, and edits detailed, even complicated, proposals that include drawings, photos, diagrams, multiple service options, equipment needs, and more in just a few clicks. You are set to email a proposal to the customer WHILE you’re on site.

No more scrambling with manual calculations, juggling paperwork, or wasting hours on quotes that may never materialize. Remote estimating through landscape business management software empowers you to close deals faster and leave a lasting positive impact on your customers.

The Future is Now: Streamlined Estimating and Increased Efficiency

Remote estimating through landscape business management software offers numerous benefits for your business:

  • Faster Turnaround Times: Wow your customers with the ability to provide instant estimates on-site or even during the initial phone call. This responsiveness portrays your company as efficient and knowledgeable, giving you a competitive edge in both your local service market and the broader job market.
  • Increased Productivity and Accuracy: Eliminate human error from manual calculations and time-consuming data entry. Software-generated estimates ensure consistency and accuracy, boosting your credibility and freeing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Focus on Confirmed Jobs: Ditch the back-and-forth of traditional quotes and the uncertainty of proposals that may not convert. Remote estimating allows you to prioritize confirmed projects and maximize your team’s valuable time.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A faster, more convenient estimation process creates a positive first impression and keeps your customers happy. The ability to visualize their project through photos, diagrams, and multiple service options empowers them to make informed decisions.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Consider the potential cost savings associated with remote estimating. Less time spent on in-person visits translates to reduced travel expenses for your team. Additionally, with streamlined proposal generation, you can potentially downsize on printing and office supplies.

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The Software Advantage: Tools for Success

Leading landscape business management software goes beyond basic automation. It provides access to a comprehensive suite of powerful productivity tools specifically designed to revolutionize remote estimating:

  • Hardscape and Softscape Measurement Tools: With user-friendly measurement tools and integration with satellite imagery, you can accurately calculate square footage, material needs, and labor costs for various landscaping elements, even without a physical site visit.
  • Automated Cost Calculations: Software automatically factors in material costs, labor rates, and overhead expenses based on your pre-defined parameters and real-time data integration. This ensures your estimates are competitive and profitable, eliminating the risk of underbidding.
  • Proposal Generation with Customization Options: Seamlessly convert estimates into professional, customized proposals complete with client information, project details, stunning visuals, and a clear breakdown of costs. 

Is Remote Estimating Right for Your Business?

Remote estimating through landscape business management software is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Consider these factors:

  • Industry: While particularly beneficial for tree, lawn, and landscape companies, remote estimating can be applied to other service-based industries such as pool maintenance, irrigation specialists, or even construction companies.
  • Company Size and Needs: Both large and small businesses can benefit from the efficiency and accuracy that remote estimating provides.
  • Technology Adoption: If your company is comfortable using software solutions, remote estimating can be a seamless integration.

Embrace the Future: Streamline Your Business Today

The rise of remote estimating through landscape business management software is here to stay. By embracing this technology and creating enhanced support for your employees, you can save time, improve accuracy, and gain a competitive edge.

Introducing Arborgold Software, The Industry’s Leading Estimating and Proposal Software

Unleash the power of remote estimating and streamline your workflow with Arborgold Software. Designed specifically for the tree, lawn, and landscape industry, Arborgold offers a comprehensive suite of tools that make generating accurate estimates a breeze.

With Arborgold’s Remote Estimating Tool by your side, the process becomes remarkably simple:

Step one: The software allows you to search for the client’s address and zoom in on a high-resolution satellite imagery overlay. This provides a clear picture of the property, allowing you to virtually walk the perimeter and identify key areas for measurement.

Arborgold's Remote Estimating Tool

Step two: Interactively select any area for measurement including driveways, planter beds, parking lots, backyard square footage, and more.

Arborgold's Remote Estimating Tool

Step three: Arborgold will calculate square footage and can apply these dimensions to any service type for accurate pricing.

Arborgold's Remote Estimating Tool

How Arborgold’s Remote Estimating Tool Empowers Different Green Industry Professionals

Arborgold’s Remote Estimating Tool isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it offers a versatile suite of features designed to benefit a wide range of landscape professionals:

Landscape Contractors: Streamline Installation Estimates

For landscape contractors specializing in installations like pavers, mulch, sod, and retaining walls, Arborgold’s remote estimating tool is a game-changer. Gone are the days of time-consuming on-site visits and manual calculations. With virtual measurement tools and real-time data integration, you can:

  • Accurately measure: Calculate square footage for patios, walkways, gardens, and other project elements with ease, eliminating guesswork and ensuring precise material estimates.
  • Factor in material costs: Access real-time material costs from your supplier network or pre-loaded data. As you measure, Arborgold automatically calculates the cost of pavers, gravel, or other materials needed for the project.
  • Generate competitive quotes: With all the data at your fingertips, you can generate accurate and competitive quotes on the spot, impressing potential clients with your efficiency.

Tree Care: Effortless Estimating from the Ground Up

Tree care companies can leverage Arborgold’s remote estimating tool to streamline their quoting process. Whether it’s a residential tree removal or a large-scale commercial project, the tool allows you to:

  • Gather key data: Collaborate with clients to gather information about tree size, species, and surrounding landscape features through virtual consultations.
  • Estimate labor costs: Factor in pre-defined labor rates for various tree care services, ensuring your quotes accurately reflect the time and expertise required.
  • Close deals faster: With all the necessary information readily available, you can generate professional estimates quickly, securing projects and boosting your bottom line.

Plant Health Care: Precise Pricing for Large-Scale Projects

Plant health care companies dealing with large-scale projects often require detailed estimates that factor in both labor and materials. Arborgold’s remote estimating tool empowers you to:

  • Estimate for diverse projects: Whether it’s insecticide spraying, weed abatement, or state and federal forestry care, the tool allows for accurate pricing tailored to each project’s specific needs.
  • Reduce site visits: Eliminate the need for extensive travel to large project sites by leveraging satellite imagery and virtual consultations for data collection.
  • Optimize material usage: Estimate chemical and material needs accurately, reducing waste and maximizing profitability.

Landscape Maintenance Professionals: Streamlining Large Jobs

Landscape maintenance companies often handle large-scale projects like residential mowing jobs or aeration projects for campuses, common areas, and business and office complexes. Arborgold’s remote estimating tool helps you:

  • Effortlessly price work orders: Use the tool to quickly calculate the square footage of lawns or common areas, facilitating faster and more accurate pricing for labor services.
  • Optimize scheduling: With efficient quoting, you can streamline your scheduling process, ensuring your team is deployed effectively for each project.
  • Impress clients: Respond to requests for quotes quickly and efficiently, leaving a positive impression on potential and existing customers.

Snow Removal: Ensuring Profitable Emergency Response

Snow removal companies providing emergency plowing services require fast and accurate estimates, especially during unpredictable weather events. Arborgold’s remote estimating tool allows you to:

  • Estimate on-the-go: Quickly and easily estimate jobs day or night, without the need for time-consuming site visits.
  • Factor in key variables: Consider travel location, square footage, and contract type when generating quotes, ensuring profitability for each work order.
  • Respond quickly: Be prepared to respond to clients’ requests instantly during snowstorms, securing business and providing valuable peace of mind during winter emergencies.

From automated calculations to easy-to-use design tools, Arborgold can help you transform your business. Arborgold positions your business at the forefront of the landscaping industry’s technological revolution. By harnessing the power of remote collaboration and automation, you can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, unlock significant business growth.

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