What is the Future of Landscape Business Management Software?

landscape business management software
landscape business management software

Landscaping companies have been around since humans first decided to beautify their properties. From structural components like decks and outdoor kitchens to lawn care and pool maintenance, landscaping business models fluctuate from company to company. As these brands continue to evolve and grow, so do the characteristics of landscaping business management software.

At Arborgold, we specialize in landscaping software, customizing tools and resources to meet a growing need within this industry. It is important to us that our clients feel supported, and that the needs of your business are met. So, what does this mean for the future of landscaping and business management software?

There are many changes on the horizon, and we are excited to have the opportunity to share them with our clients. Here are some of the changes to watch for, as the landscaping horizon continues to expand.

Inventory Tracking with AI

From plants and trees to tools and equipment, your inventory is a necessity of your business’ success. Monitoring the use of each piece of equipment, when it is returned, what has been damaged, and what has been used up is crucial. This not only helps optimize schedules but helps you budget and manage finance as well.

As the need for more advanced and intuitive inventory tracking grows, the concept of AI in landscaping becomes realer. AI, or artificial intelligence, was once thought of as something outrageously futuristic. Now, we are seeing it all over in the form of e-mail automation, predictive text, and search engine algorithms. These same abilities are being transferred into CRM and business software already, with a high potential for further development as time goes on.

The future could see inventory and ordering monitored completely through AI, reducing costs and time constraints involved in these processes.

Real-Time Remote Estimations

Another future ability we predict landscape business management software to include is accurate and up to the minute estimation capability. Imagine speaking with a potential customer and having auto-calculations appear for future landscape jobs with no need to measure and calculate manually. This saves you time and increases your chance of landing a job based on your ability to provide quick information and be perceived as an authority in your field.

Remote estimations are a huge improvement on traditional quotes, as it allows you to focus purely on confirmed jobs, rather than spending hours finding information for potential jobs which may fall through. This will include hardscape and softscape measurement tools.

Integrated Referral and Incentive Programs

Modern consumers are all about the incentives. From coupons and offers to points and prizes, incentive programs are a proven success. In landscaping, incentive programs have not become a staple, and many leaders in the industry are predicting a surge of integrated referral and incentive programs through business management software in the future.

By integrating these offers in business software, you are better able to manage them and monitor metrics for successful future promotions.

Next-Generation Scheduling

AI seems to appear across the board as landscaping professionals prepare for a future filled with advanced technology. Artificial intelligence has proven itself in many ways and landscapers are waiting to see if it can bridge the gap in successor services and crew scheduling. With real-time crew availability at the ready, your AI-based scheduling software can build you a schedule that best uses company time, equipment, and employees.

Scheduling is a major reason some landscaping companies succeed while others fail. Smart scheduling keeps your key team members on high priority jobs and utilizes the rest of your crew in ways that optimize time and resources. If AI could sort this out for you in the future, you could spend less time pouring over schedules and more time on other jobs to make your brand successful.

Quickbooks Integration and GPS Tracking

Already, Arborgold’s integrated business software helps landscaping companies follow their team members wherever they go with real-time GPS tracking. As this tool expands and evolves, we believe we will see timesheet and Quickbooks integration along with this GPS tracking. Not only will you be able to monitor your teams in the field, but ensure all financial records and pay is reflected in schedules and job routines.

These integration features will improve tax filing and help landscaping businesses comply with government finance reporting with no extra hassle.

Real-Time Integration to Nurseries

Another area real-time integration is sure to take effect is in nurseries. More landscaping professionals are turning to online platforms to reflect nursery production and availability. Knowing which products, you have to offer clients helps improve sales pitches, quote reliability, and so much more.

Monitoring nursery production is crucial to the success of any lawn care and landscaping company. The real-time integration of these services into your landscape business management software will decrease costs in other areas and help you save time.

The Future of Landscaping

Something we can all look forward to in the landscaping industry is sustainability. The role of landscaper has been around for centuries and will not disappear any time soon. As new and useful technology continues to emerge, landscaping businesses are becoming more successful and finding new and unique ways to service customers.

From residential to commercial clients, landscape business management software improves your company’s chances for success by providing access to information and tools you need to give your clients the very best. In the future we know we will see some of the above-mentioned changes, as well as many new ones.

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The future of landscaping business software holds many amazing possibilities. As the industry continues to grow and flourish, Arborgold monitors to landscaping horizon to ensure we are offering our clients the best and most up to date tools and software available. It is important to us that our business management software helps you succeed and is evolving with you.

If you are interested in learning more about landscaping software and all it has to offer your business, we invite you to take a tour.

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