How to Route Lawn Care Applications Fast

Schedule Jobs FAST

When you're in the lawn care, plant healthcare, or even landscape business, your ability to schedule and route lawn care applications is just as important as getting new customers. During the busiest season, you could have VOLUMES of work orders that need to get on the calendar, assigned to the right crews.

So you can get paid. With Arborgold, scheduling and routing applications happens in just a couple of clicks. 

Arborgold Software has a drag and drop simple and advanced scheduling interface that turns hours worth of scheduling work into minutes of effort.

It even integrates with Google Calendar


Jobs by service type, status, and location.


One, some, or all filtered jobs in just one click.


Jobs to any day with an easy-to-view calendar UI.

Watch Batch Scheduling
with Arborgold in action

How to schedule lawn care applications fast with Arborgold.

  1. Open Arborgold's work scheduling feature.
  2. Filter unscheduled jobs.
  3. Using the filter screen, select the type of work you're looking to schedule.
  4. Select the districts or zip codes that apply. You can filter by tags, locate specific customers, filter by territory, last treatment date, and more.
  5. Next up, it's time to toggle all or a portion of your filtered list. Once you make your selection, you can drag the entire list into your Arborgold digital calendar.

Drop em in.  Simple as that.

What's cool? With Arborgold's scheduling feature, you can see the total dollar amount scheduled.

Next up - you're ready to route. With Arborold you can select the date, crew, and routing start location.

Lawn care routing applications done right. And done fast.

Want to learn more about Arborgold scheduling? Take a tour or book a 15 minute walk through with sales here.