Arborgold Job Scheduling Software

Why Job Scheduling Software Is A Game Changer For Your Business

Job scheduling and job scheduling software.

It’s one of those things we all love to hate.  

On the one hand, when you’ve got a job to schedule, it means money in the bank.  On the other, traditional scheduling with products like Google calendar and spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel are a real pain in the neck. Especially if you run larger crews across a wide service area, it can take hours out of your week.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most important ways that job scheduling software can simplify the process and save you time & money.

Let’s start by looking at one of the most basic: scheduling across multiple dates.

Arborgold Job Scheduling SoftwareScheduling Across Multiple Dates

When you think of a job, usually you think of something you get paid for. This might take place across multiple dates. For example, on one day you might do the actual cutting and stump removal. Then, on another day you might lay sod to grow a lawn where the trees once were.

Many job scheduling apps force you to schedule a single job on a single date. But with Arborgold’s flexible calendar features, you can easily schedule a job to take place over multiple dates. And, you can schedule your services to take place on each specific date. Let’s look at that in more detail.

Scheduling Services

A job is a complete project that you get paid for. Services are specific components of a job. Arborgold lets you break down any job into services, which helps organize your workflow better.

Let’s say you have landscaping job that’s set to take place across three dates. On day one, you can schedule hedge clipping and trimming. On day two, you could schedule services related to installing a backyard waterfall. Then on day three, you could schedule sodding and grass installation.

Arborgold lets you schedule all the services in your job. Whether you have one day of work or ten, you can schedule individual services so your job is organized.

Filter Options

Jobs come with all sorts of options. From services and service categories to location details and equipment, there are all sorts of ways to categorize jobs.

Arborgold makes it easy to schedule resources for your jobs with these and other options. As the date comes closer to the service timeline, you can be reminded of the “where what and when” so you can dedicate resources appropriately.

Recurring Service Scheduling

Ah, recurring services. The steadiest source of income there is. Unfortunately, they can also be a real scheduling headache. With different services coming up each and every month, you’ve also got tons of services to schedule. When working with traditional calendars or spreadsheets, it can be a recurring headache.

Not so with Arborgold. Our job scheduling software gives you “set it and forget it” functionality. Simply set any service to reoccur daily, weekly or monthly, and you’ll be reminded of it when the time comes. You can also modify your recurring jobs at any time, so new services can be added when necessary.

Mapping Out Routes

For location-dependent businesses like lawn care and tree care, routing is crucial. Every job you drive to comes with gas costs (and opportunity cost).

Fortunately, Arborgold has you covered here too. Whenever you’re scheduling a job, you’ll be able to see where your other jobs are located. Arborgold will then plan out the most efficient route to the job site--taking into account distance from other jobs. Your teams will get to work faster, and your gas bill will be lower.

… And So Much More.

Job scheduling software can deliver a ton of benefits for your business. Between saving you money on gas and sparing you time in front of the calendar, the gains can really add up.

But what’s even better about Arborgold is that it’s so much more than just job scheduling.

In addition to all the great job scheduling features mentioned in this article, Arborgold comes with all the tools you need to run your business.

That includes:

  • Smart contact management.
  • Email marketing.
  • Bidding and estimates.
  • Calls and appointments.
  • Billing and invoicing (with Quickbooks integration).
  • Crew management.
  • Dynamic proposals

… We’ve even built in a convenient landscape design tool so you can show prospective clients your plan for their lawn.

How cool is that?

See what Arborgold's Job Scheduling Software can do for your business here.