Arborgold 7.4 Brings new Features and Updated User Interface to Existing Clients

Arborgold Software

Bloomington, Indiana | September 1, 2020

Arborgold is excited to announce its latest software product release 7.4 to the public at the end of Q3 2020. In accordance with the company’s annual technical plan, included in this release are three major app updates:

User Interface and user experience updates

Arborgold will begin to adapt modern navigation, search, sidebar, and other setting interfaces that users are recognizing across other cloud-based platforms. 

Time Tracking enhancements

Companies looking to optimize operational costs look to time tracking features as one of their foundations. Arborgold’s 7.4 release users now have the ability to perform time tracking actions in batch, track time status, and much more. 

Mobile Crew improvements

With mobile business management on the rise, Arborgold has introduced specific cloud features, now accessible to Arborgold Mobile Crew. From Plant and Tree Inventory to Job listings, production teams have better visibility to important job details they need.

When asked to summarize Arborgold 7.4, Donna Garner, CMO explained, “This software update includes some well-deserved user experience enhancements we’ve been anxious to bring to our clients for some time. As part of our ongoing technical development strategy and beta process, we will be closely reviewing how users adapt to these changes, which may result in additional UI updates to other parts of the application over time.”

With thousands of users across North America and growing in Europe, Arborgold is committed to providing best-in-class features, training, and support that help companies build a better business. 

About Arborgold

For over 25 years, Arborgold’s all-in-one business software has helped tree, lawn, and landscape companies manage leads and customers, bid jobs, schedule work, track inventory, run supply chain, manage projects, and invoice customers from your computer or mobile device. Learn how our customers are building a better business by automating tasks, optimizing schedules, and connecting the office with the field real-time, resulting in increased profits and a reduction in costs.

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