How to Win Commercial Snow Removal Bids

Winter Service Business
Winter Service Business

Working in the field requires an entirely different set of rules than any other industry, specifically when it comes to winning jobs through bids. In snow removal, winning commercial bids is crucial to the success of a business. These are the big jobs that bring inconsistent cash flow throughout the winter season.

Arborgold develops software for companies like yours, serving snow removal businesses across America. By focusing on field industries like snow removal, we have developed tools uniquely catering to the type of jobs you do and optimizing success at winning them. Here, are some of our top tips on winning commercial snow removal bids during the busy season.

Be Mobile, Be Accessible

Modern businesses want access to their service providers when they need them. Sometimes this means being able to access tools and options through a mobile app or mobile-friendly website. Phones, tablets, chrome books and more are being used from home, the office, and even in transit. This lets your customers communicate with you, check billing and scheduling, and make requests when it is convenient for them.

Being mobile is a big sell for many modern companies, and while mobile optimization is nothing new, there are many field business models that still haven’t created mobile options for their corporate customers. Fortunately, Arborgold has you covered in this respect, providing a variety of mobile options and mobile accessible tools.

Offer Billing They Can Count On

Billing is a hassle for companies using seasonal services, as it is rarely stable month in and month out. Having efficient, accessible, and reliable billing keeps your commercial snow removal customers happy because it minimizes their workload. No company head wants to go chasing the accounting department over missed invoices as they appear. This is where having the best snow removal business software will push you into the winning category, as it ensures your commercial clients are receiving regular invoices through the same reliable channels in a routine and easy to track manner.

Arborgold snow removal business software has got your back in the billing department with tools and supports to make invoicing a breeze. Our automated invoice setup lets you organize your customers, service-types, fees and invoices effortlessly, and will even remind you when it’s time to send.

Have Efficiency in Crew Management and Scheduling

Large corporations do their homework before hiring a service provider, even snow removal. This means they know how efficient your team is at getting a job done. Most commercial property managers are looking to snow removal companies during the winter to ensure their tenants, employees, and delivery drivers are able to make it in and out safely. Not having a parking lot plowed can mean lost wages, complaints, and delays. Having a team they can depend on keeps them productive and increases their ROI.

Proper scheduling and scheduling accountability through top-grade snow removal business software gives you the tools you need to stay ahead of any scheduling crises. Manage your team from anywhere with mobile accessibility and real-time chat functions. Some of the major benefits you gain through snow removal crew management software include:

  • Tracking job productivity
  • Monitoring transit routes
  • Equipment inventory
  • Schedule adherence reporting

When you know where your team is, and who is available at moment’s notice, you can better service your commercial snow removal customers on those big snow removal jobs requiring multiple team members, or multiple visits in a day.

Make a Name for Yourself with Reviews


It isn’t enough to tell potential clients what you can do for them, modern businesses want to see proof of your past work. This is where reviews and client ratings come in handy for winning commercial snow removal bids. Field businesses count on brand awareness for much of their income, which means building an online local presence is an important part of your success. Having a website or digital portfolio for new clients to see past client remarks or jobs will increase the potential for bid accumulation.

There are many ways to get reviews for new clients – the easiest is to ask for them. Snow removal business software with automation features gives you the power to send follow-up thanks and requests for reviews with no awkward final meetings or intrusive calls. Not only does this type of e-mail feature give you the review you want for your next client, but it reminds past clients you are there, which means you are more likely to be remembered for the next snow removal season.

Realistic Estimates and Reasonable Bids

Finally, for field businesses like snow removal companies, it is important that estimates and bids be realistic and reliable. There is nothing more annoying for a corporation than receiving an estimate, only to find that the price skyrockets later due to poorly calculated fees. Ensuring your clients receive accurate quotes for the jobs you complete develops trust and rapport, which in turn encourages future business relationships with the same clients.

Snow removal business software provides the advantage of accurate quotes, reliable calculations, and competitive estimates. If you are looking for a way to sell yourself in a bidding situation, finances go a long way toward swaying a potential client’s decisions.

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Having dependable software keeps you organized for your snow removal clients and streamlines your internal processes at the same time. Looking for ways to win bids over local competitors in your field? Consider choosing business software designed for your business model. Generic software setups don’t account for the crew in the fields or the additional costs and equipment required for these factors. Select software made for your business, and save yourself time, money, and effort this year.

Interested in learning more about snow removal software and how it can benefit you in a bidding situation? We invite you to contact Arborgold today or visit our website and take a tour. Arborgold is in the business of making your business better.

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