Does Email Marketing Work for Landscapers?

Does Email Marketing Work for Landscapers
Does Email Marketing Work for Landscapers

If you want to find more customers for your landscaping business and are interested in pursuing email marketing tactics you may be slightly hesitant to fully dive right in. Email marketing is a big step that can yield incredible and profitable results for your business, but it’s understandable if you find yourself scratching your head and wondering if it’s the right choice for you.

The short answer is yes, email marketing absolutely does work for landscapers. But like any other digital marketing strategy that you’re employing, there are a few tricks to really optimize email marketing’s success for your company. So here are a few ways that you can game the email marketing system and make it a profitable venture for your business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Turn Heads With Your Design

We’ve all checked that dreaded “Promotions” section of our email inbox and seen the slew of advertisements and deals being offered by companies and felt overwhelmed. It can be hard to actually engage with the material that’s being sent to you if every single email and heading looks relatively similar and doesn’t really have that attention-grabbing effect.

Customer attention plays a key role in any business’s email marketing strategies, including landscaping companies, and having an eye-catching design can help boost your business’ chances. Taking the extra few moments to make your logo, email headers, and overall layout of the messages you’re sending potential customers look good can really boost your chances of profitability with the program.

Develop A Strong Online Presence

Once potential customers are reading your very well designed email, then what? You want to redirect the traffic flow to your website through links so they can start learning about your business. However, that’s not always what happens.

Email marketing can only get potential customers to our website but it can’t guarantee that they’ll buy anything. A big reason for this difference could be that your website is lacking in design, maybe you’re not showcasing enough images of your beautiful landscaping projects, or maybe an overall good feeling is lacking from the user experience on the site. Devoting time to make sure that your site and all its features feel and look professional gives your business a good online presence and will help turn email marketing’s potential customers into actual customers.

Format Your Emails For A Mobile Audience

We do business on the go, and landscaping should be no different. Nowadays, most people check their email inboxes on their phones before even sitting down at their desktops computers at 9 am. So don’t shoot yourself and your email marketing strategies in the foot by ignoring this fact and format your emails for a mobile audience.

Most websites and emails have features where you can go in and customize how mobile viewers will see what you’re giving them. Even though it seems redundant, it actually creates a quicker, more seamless, and pleasant user experience for the person checking their inbox or visiting your site. So don’t delay and format for mobile audiences today.

Try To Reach Your Target Audience

It seems that everyone from about the age of 8 to 100 has an email address and can be reached by email marketing. This is great except if you’re a landscaping company, you don’t want to be spending precious marketing budget dollars by sending out emails to people who aren’t home or business owners. That 10-year-old kid living in his parent’s house isn’t going to have a whole lot of interest in spending his lunch money with your landscaping business.

Before clicking “send” on all those promotional emails, take a second to scope out and narrow down your target audience. Even trying to reach customers in your area is a huge way to increase your email marketing’s chances of success and ultimately begin to drive your profits up.

Be Mindful of Your Email Frequency

As it turns out, the same rules of dating somebody new also apply to email marketing campaigns – you don’t want to overwhelm potential customers. While it might be appealing to start sending out as many emails as frequently as possible, it can be off-putting for potential customers and might have a negative effect on their view of your business. Besides being very annoying to deal with, a huge influx of emails from your company can actually start ending up in people’s spam traps if they or the email domain thinks it’s spam because of how aggressively you’re sending them out.

Since most business for landscaping companies happens during the spring and summer when the ground is thawed and the greenery is coming out it can be tempting to send out a huge amount of emails about promotions and specials during this time. Hold off instead and only send out a few campaigns per month so as not to overwhelm potential customers. Also, consider sending emails out during off-peak seasons so you can be ahead of the curve and get people thinking about your business before things get busy.

Consider Turning To An Automated Software Program

If all of this seems like a lot to manage on a day to day on top of your regular operations then you should consider turning to automated email software to take care of the promotions. With software like Arborgold’s integrated email marketing and job management software, you can cut down on the time and the number of programs you’re using to get the word out about your business and promotions you’re having.

This kind of service is especially useful if you want to make your email campaigns two-pronged to new and existing customers. While email campaigns are a great way to reach new people, they’re also an excellent way to let your existing customer base about exciting offers. So take the hassle out of managing email campaigns and work smarter by enlisting the help of automated software.

All of these tips just show how easy it is to run your own profitable email marketing campaigns with the right knowledge and know-how. Email marketing strategies work, that’s why everyone’s using them, but really working to optimize their performance can have a huge effect on your landscaping business’ profit. So don’t hesitate to click “send!”

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