Residential Landscape Business Revenue

5 Ways to Increase Your Residential Landscape Business Revenue

Increasing your residential landscape business revenue is never an easy thing to do. It takes time, commitment, hard work, and knowledge. If you have achieved clients but you are still struggling to earn enough then there are ways to increase your residential landscape business revenue. Expanding your market base will help bring in more clients to create a firm business foundation. Expanding your customer base you'll need to have a good CRM to help manage all the information and make communicating with your clients easier.

Here are five ways to diversify in order to increase landscape business revenue:

Fertilizer Services: People spend a considerable amount of money to have a pristine lawn. A manicured landscape requires mowing and water but it also needs fertilization. Offering fertilizer services to your clients is a great way to increase your businesses revenue.

During the active growing season, most lawns require three applications of fertilizer. Spring, summer, and fall is the typical schedule but it can vary depending on the region and type of grass. In addition to offering fertilizer services, you can also provide a combination fertilizer/weed killer options.

Yard Cleanups: Each season requires some form of garden clean up. Leaf removal in the fall, springtime tidying, summer trimming, and even winter debris removal.

Offering yard cleanups is a great way to diversify your business and create year-round work. Driveways and walkways often become covered with leaves and other debris so blowing them off is an additional cleanup service that you may want to package with the yard cleanups.

Offer Shrub Pruning, Ornamental Pruning, Planting, and Other Treatments: Lawn care is typically only one aspect of a landscape business. Offering services that tidy up the landscape by pruning shrubs and hedges or planting trees, plants, and shrubs is a valuable service to many homeowners. It is especially beneficial for elderly or career-minded clients that simply do not have the time to take care of such tasks around the yard and garden.

Hedge trimming and topiary take some skill but can be a valuable asset to your company that many other basic landscape service providers may not offer.

Request Referrals: Don’t be embarrassed to ask your clients for referrals. They are a great way to bring in more clients. You should also not overlook garnering references on social media or online reviews. Ideally, you should have business cards on-hand to give to your clients.

Many companies even invest in refrigerator magnets or offer a monthly email newsletter. You can also provide a discount to any customer who refers your company.

Reach Out to Lost Customers: If you haven’t heard from a customer in a while then why not reach out. You could send out emails or flyers via the U.S. Postal Service. Many times customers just forget your company’s name or lose your business card so refreshing their memories can bring back valuable clientele.

Offering a discount to returning customers might also bring a lost client back. Everyone enjoys a discount and that feeling of being a valued asset to your company. Discounts and gift cards for returning and established customers let your clientele know that you value their business.

Ultimately, bringing in additional revenue for your landscape business hinges on reaching out to established and would-be clients while offering a variety of services to appeal to a wide array of various clients.

Publicize Your Landscaping Business and Services

Once you have made a list of the exact services you will be providing... it is time to reach out and publicize.

  • Social media marketing like Facebook is a good way to grab the attention of a variety of people with no initial financial investment.
  • Flyers, door hangers, and brochures also catch people's eyes.
  • Old-fashioned newspaper ads are favored in regions with an older population who still turn to paper advertisements to seek out local services. Depending on the time of year, a large
  • Yellow pages advertisement that outlines your company and everything offered is another way to focus attention and increase your client base which will ultimately improve your revenue.

Increasing your residential landscape business revenue isn’t difficult if you are willing to create a strong, steady clientele by offering innumerable options. Expanding your services to include yard cleanups, fertilizer services, various pruning, and yard debris cleanup is ideal but also reaching out to customers to restore relationships and bring in new clients is also the key to creating a growing landscape company.