Landscape business trends

Landscape Business Trends | California

Landscape business trends for Californians are different than other parts of America.  Water is the hot topic in sunny California. Smart consumers are trying to find ways to reduce their water consumption and the quickest way to get there is in landscaping. With drought resistant yards becoming the trend, it’s your opportunity to:

  • Gain new clients
  • Help existing clients find a better way
  • Help the environment by creating drought friendly options that work for all.

New Landscape Business Trends for Existing Customers

Californians are looking for a change, your customers are looking for a change.  They’ve been maintaining their yards and paying the price for high water consumption for years during the drought. 

They need a better way...

They need a yard that is less maintenance.

While it will still require monthly upkeep, the cost of their overall budget will improve because their water usage will decrease. In addition, the improvements and changes being made may be tax deductible for your clients, adding an even bigger bonus.

Leading landscape business trends include installing drought-resistant yards.  Not only will this positively impact your clients, it can have a major impact on your landscaping company.

Maintenance on drought-resistant yards is still needed and when you add this element to your business, you have the potential to bring in new clients who are looking for the same savings and changes to their lawns.

With so many options for drought-resistant yards, you are able to design for desert areas and urban areas alike. Using artificial turf, rocks, stone walkways, succulents/cacti, and shrubs, the possibilities are endless.

Landscape Design CAD Tool

To help your clients visualize the potential, use a Landscape Design CAD Tool to make a visual representation of your client's dream yard.

Arborgold landscape design toolSometimes it’s not enough to talk about upcoming trends, clients need to see it. They need to experience what could be. Help them with an electronic drawing of their own space.

Remember, the sky is the limit and it’s up to you to help your clients get there!