Account Management Strategy for Tree and Landscaping Companies

Landscape account management

How to build an account management strategy for tree, lawn, and landscape companies When you’re in business, 99% of the time you’re looking for new clients. But many lawn, tree, and landscape companies who are struggling to expand revenues solely through new client sales are focusing on creating a profitable account management strategy. An effective…

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How Inflation Impacts Lawn, Landscape, and Tree Care Businesses

Maintaining landscape

As every new year gets underway, the risks of rising costs and inflation continue to impact individuals and businesses of all sizes. Along with price increases across the board, there’s a good chance that you’re still waiting on material that has been back-ordered as a result of disruptions in the supply chain. And when you…

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Is Battery-Powered Equipment Right for Your Commercial Lawn Care Business?

Battery Powered Commercial Mower

The world is quickly modifying the way we do business, including lawn care and landscaping. With global climate change and emissions standards under intense scrutiny, many cities and countries are changing laws to reflect a greener workspace. One way lawn care companies are evolving to fit this new eco-friendly world is by swapping gas-powered for…

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Controlling Snow Removal Costs

Controlling Cost

Snow removal costs are on the rise as materials and machinery go up in price. Maintaining a reasonable rate to keep customers happy is a balancing act. One way of finding this balance is to reduce snow removal company expenses. At Arborgold, we develop software for field-based businesses like plow and landscaping companies. We understand…

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Must-Have Equipment for Lawn Care Maintenance Business

Commercial Lawn Mowing

The landscaping industry looks pretty promising after key players worked tirelessly to see landscaping services classified as “essential” in 2020. The optimism seen in 2021 is not dead. And many companies are no longer investing in the best lawn care software but also focusing on top lawn maintenance equipment performers for 2022. Of course, lawn…

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Top Performing Email Marketing Campaigns for Lawn and Landscape Companies

Lawn Care Company Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big part of the lawn care and landscaping industry. It connects you with customers, enhances retention efforts, jump-starts sales tactics, and keeps people informed. As you develop lawn care email marketing campaigns, there are a few things to take into consideration, including current trends and your target audience. Arborgold develops custom…

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