Take your landscaping business to the cloud

The phrase “cloud software” is one that is likely top of mind for many companies, no matter the industry or size. Gone are the days where software meant putting a CD ROM into your computer and installing a program onto everyone’s device. Now, software is hosted online and applications connect people. Cloud software means that you can have one application that connects your company database and all of your employees with access can update, share, and access information in real-time.

landscaping business cloud software

What is the cloud, exactly?

Since the cloud is hosted online, rather than on a hard drive or an application, you can access the information simply by logging on. Think of it as the difference between saving a file on your computer versus saving a file on Google Drive or Dropbox. You have to physically log into your computer, and your computer alone, to access that first file in the first example. But, in the second example with Google Drive, you can log in from your phone, someone else’s tablet, or any computer to access that saved file.

The cloud refers to data being available anywhere – it doesn’t live in any one place. It’s hosted online and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Cloud software vs. cloud apps

Arborgold Landscaping Software is on the Arborgold Cloud, meaning anything you do in the Arborgold application is saved in that instant and accessible to everyone that you give permissions to. It means that a field rep can make a change, and head office can see it in a matter of seconds. Arborgold cloud is an app that you can download on your devises and can be used on a browser. A cloud app is different than cloud computing in a browser, because data is stored on the app and can be used offline (unlike a browser application). Information is backed up on the app, and saved for when the app finally goes online. Users can use it anytime – even without the internet.

Landscaping Business software in the cloud

Basically, cloud software means you are connected and can access information anytime, anywhere. Here are a few reasons why cloud software is especially useful for landscaping companies.

Benefits of cloud software for landscaping

1. More efficient sales

Your sales team can use their phone or tablet in the field to quickly create estimates, communicate with your staff, and get the information to customers in a few clicks. With a cloud app such as Arborgold Mobile Estimator, your sales team has full functionality to do their job no matter where they are. They can create estimates on the spot, and have features at their fingertips such as including images of the property, mapping out appointments, checking past customer history, create tasks, and access appointments.

This instant access to information not only creates efficiencies, it also ensures a better customer experience. Things can be done in an instant, digitally. There is less room for error and much quicker turnaround times so you can close the deal right away and get that new customer into your database.

Better manager your crew

Time is money, and that’s why it’s important to manage your landscaping crew the best way possible. Having a landscaping software accessible anytime means that you and your crew can have access to the tools needed to manage their time better. Arborgold Mobile Crew allows workers to punch in and out without having to come into the office, and it allows you to track the time spent on the job and reassign resources.

You can also create efficiencies and manage cash flow, by allowing you to update things like equipment, work orders, or manage your team on-the-go. Everything is in the palm of your hand, connecting from the field back to head office. It allows you to make real-time decisions, using the cloud to store all of the data so it never gets lost.

2 Use software for instant access

The great thing about using cloud software is that you can get a world of information instantly. For example, Arborgold Mobile QR code activity enables you to see the progress of any current project instantly. Your staff and on-site crew teams can use the app on their smartphone; they will easily be able to scan any paperwork order from their location back to headquarters.

These days, people expect instant information. They want quick replies and fast turnarounds. With cloud software, your entire landscaping business can have access to what they need in the palm of their hands or on their computer, no matter where they are.
A more productive team

Having a landscaping software available anytime, anywhere means that your team members from field workers, to sales and operations, can access all of the same information. Employees can be given permissions to view certain items, and can log in from their laptops, tablets, and phones to do their job. Things like customer files, order forms, invoices, and other relevant day-to-day information can be found by everyone, edited, shared, and kept in one place.

Your team can be more productive, since they can access things as they need them. No more calling head office and waiting for an invoice to be scanned and emailed – the employee can click open the app and view it right away, and make changes on the fly. This not only makes for a better employee experience, but it also makes for a better customer experience since your team is enabled to quickly access information to do their job.

3. Better organization and security

When you store your data on the cloud, it means that everything is organized in one spot and also safe. It’s much easier to find things using cloud software than relying on paper files. You can search for items, see who edited something last, and have backups of all of your data. This makes it much easier to come to problem resolution, and it leaves a better “paper trail” than actual paper.

As well, having all of your data digitally makes it far easier to pull files when it comes to tax season, audits, business reviews, and even employee reviews. You can pull up reports in an instant, find the information you need in a few simple clicks, and have an organized view of all of the information you need.

4. Be a better business owner

With access to your organization all in one place, you can better manage your team and your company. Not only that, but you will have a happier and more fulfilled team and customer base. Employees will appreciate the easy and efficiency of their day-to-day jobs, as much as customers appreciate the digital-forward ease of working with your company.

By having access to more information, you can run your company with ease and optimize your business. You never have to worry about cluttered paperwork or losing information, since everything is organized and stores on the cloud. It’s incredibly safe to use the cloud, and all of your data is backed up and stored securely.
As technology continues to change and innovate, cloud software enables your company to do the same. Try a demo of Arborgold Software today, and talk to a representative about how cloud software can help your business.

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