How to Overcome Hiring Challenges in Lawn and Tree Care


In 2022, many businesses will continue to face issues when trying to hire full-time and seasonal landscape employees as a result of the pandemic challenges of the last two years. And as the country bounces back from COVID-19, there are many job seekers out there, but the hiring process is changing.


At Arborgold, we specialize in business software for field-based businesses like landscape, lawn, and tree care companies. We understand these industries are facing dramatic changes due to social distancing regulations and overall economic changes. Arborgold is working harder than ever to support our clients with software services to support all your growing and changing needs.


So if you’re struggling with talent acquisition in 2022 and wondering where to find quality landscape employees for your company, here are ways you can overcome hiring challenges:


Hiring Challenges of 2022 that Will Impact Businesses

It’s no secret that for the past two years businesses have been struggling to attract, attain, and retain employees. The good news is as you improve the candidate pool and hiring practices, it’s good to know the most common hiring challenges.


Job Boards are Saturated

One problem in 2022 is the overuse of online job boards. Many of these resources are completely saturated across a variety of industries. This makes it difficult for businesses and employees to find one another.


Your company can avoid job boards by creating a “Careers” tab directly on your website. You can also take advantage of social media, which has become a driving force in digital communications. Posting an ad to Facebook or LinkedIn gets your brand noticed and your job ad out of the oversaturated job pool.


Remember: It’s important to monitor your social media job post comments, direct messages, tags, and shares. As the hiring manager, you want to be responsive to ANY inbound response. 


Employees are Worried About Job Security

The pandemic has deeply impacted the trust and loyalty area of the hiring process. The workforce is nervous about job security in the aftermath. You can ease these concerns by creating positions with contracts, benefits, or union protection.

Show new candidates that your business is here to stay. Advertise your long-standing position in your community, projections for the coming years, and ways your brand has battled pandemic shortcomings.

Starting Wages are Too Low

Everyone needs to work their way up from somewhere, but starting your new hires off at minimum wage may not be attractive to potential new hires. Many companies are setting themselves apart from their competitors by increasing their starting wages in 2022.

If your company can’t afford to hire above your current hourly or salary rates, consider including other incentives such as:


  • Breakfast for on-site employees
  • Better benefit packages
  • Attractive signing bonuses
  • Quick raise turnarounds


Even a small boost from the minimum wage line makes your company look like it cares more about employee health and happiness.

Recruitment Solutions for 2022

In 2022, there are plenty of new hiring trends on the horizon. The world has been forced into the digital workspace in many ways. Even field-based businesses are finding new ways to hire and engage talent. Here are some of the top recruitment challenge solutions for this year.


Flexible Hiring Process and Scheduling

One trend the pandemic created is flexibility in hiring and job roles. More of the workforce is coming from the millennial generation. In fact, research shows that millennials are the largest generation currently supporting the American workforce.


Many millennials are choosing gig jobs where they make their own rules. Changing your hiring practices to fit a less traditional standard could be inviting to this age bracket. Being flexible in both hiring standards and scheduling creates a more relaxed atmosphere and attracts a broader range of candidates.

Unique Ads for Job Seekers

Formal job ads, especially those including industry jargon, are outdated, and being overlooked in favor of more interesting job marketing. As you begin writing job ads for 2022, consider spicing things up. Show new employees what your business is bringing to the table. Feature your company culture and special offers to new employees working for your brand.


Rather than only asking for a resume, ask candidates to send a one-minute video clip outlining their past work experience and education. This is a great way to get a feel for their personality outside of a resume and cover letter. It also acts as a bit of a pre-screen, giving you a feel for each candidate before you go through the lengthy process of checking references.

Online Hiring

Digital job ads aren’t new, but the pandemic has brought many other avenues of the entire hiring process online. Business leaders know that virtual hiring can still bring in the best talent. Video job interviews are a great way to minimize time waste, improve accessibility, and expand the range. Video interviews are especially useful if you’re a company hiring:


  • Nationally or internationally
  • For multiple departments
  • For different locations around town


Online hiring processes let you reach a broader range of candidates and attract talent in a shorter amount of time. Potential candidates don’t need to worry about transportation, waiting rooms, or social distancing protocols to make an interview. Just schedule the interview and evaluate your candidates virtually.


Automate Where Possible

Automation may not be beneficial in every facet of the recruitment process and hiring, but it’s helpful in a few areas, including:


  • Correspondence: You can send emails through automation using a template for new applicants. This makes things easier for hiring managers and anyone else involved in the process.
  • Scheduling: Your business software can schedule appointments for you across a wide range of platforms. You can also implement online scheduling ability for new candidates hoping to create an appointment for an interview. Applicants can simply click and select from an available assortment of times and dates. 
  • Reminders: Automated reminders are helpful and don’t need to take up company resources when you’re seeking top talent. Set the reminder for the day before, or a few hours before, a scheduled interview for yourself, and the candidates involved.


Arborgold software has plenty of supportive features for automation for field-based businesses. In 2022, try taking advantage of these special features where and when you can delegate some of the hiring process to find qualified candidates.


Training for Recruiters

With so many new tools and trends in 2022, your recruiters might need some skill sharpening as a top priority. Creating company-wide training for your recruiters and hiring teams is a great way to streamline your hiring process.

Getting your talent acquisition teams up to date on the latest hiring strategies ensures everyone is on the same page. Organization and consistency are important as businesses journey into the 2022 labor market. We don’t know what this year will bring, but based on the last two years, preparation is key.


Where to Hire Landscape Employees in 2022

2022 is making the hiring process more competitive, and less accessible than in past years. For those hiring in landscaping and snow removal, there are even more challenges, because work is seasonal. So, where is the best place to hire landscape employees?

Get Online

The internet is the best place to begin and complete the job advertising and hiring process because everyone, including talent acquisition leaders and HR professionals, can be included.


Your preferred digital hiring location is totally up to you. Social media has become a popular spot to begin, but there are local job boards and job boards dedicated to field-based employees to draw on. You should be able to find potential candidates with diverse skillsets for your openings.

Partner Up in the Recruitment Process

If your landscaping business doesn’t work in snow removal, pest control, or other seasonal field-based jobs, a partnership could be lucrative. Partnering with other local field-based businesses keeps seasonal employees working year-round, and ensures you have a large pool of local candidates to draw on.


Men and women who work in snow removal during the winter season may be looking for spring jobs early. Approaching a plow company to partner within the off-season is a great way to support local brands and build your own network in the community.

Group Interviews

Group interviews and “walk-in” applications are limited due to travel and gathering restrictions in many cities. You can still use these methods of hiring in 2022 by offering a virtual waiting room and group video chat.


Using business software to facilitate scheduling, you can still meet with candidates in bulk through video. 2022 is all about innovation and finding new ways to perform traditional tasks with ease. 

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