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3 Ways Arborgold MobileCrew App Increases Efficiency

Looking for ways to improve your company’s efficiency? Arborgold MobileCrew App has many advantages to offer companies wanting to save time by reducing repetitive tasks and improving communication between the office and the field. Arborgold’s mobile app will also help your employees be accountable for their time.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

In business, every minute counts.  Reducing repetitive tasks can save time and money. Updating your software with information from printed work orders is one of those repetitive tasks that can be eliminated with Arborgold MobileCrew App

How much time does it take for the office staff to update information such as hours, chemical usage, notes and mark the jobs ready for billing?

Make money in less time with Arborgold MobileCrew app for lawn care, landscape, and tree care companies.

Arborgold MobileCrew app for lawn care, landscape, and tree care companies where time equals money


Let’s break it down...

For smaller companies with two crews, it takes an office staff member about thirty minutes a day, or 2.5 hours a week.  At an employee cost of $15 an hour that equals $37.50 a week in wages or $1,950/year.

Larger companies with 5-8 crews, this could accumulate to 12-15 hours of work a week. At $15 an hour that equals $180/week in wages or $9,360/year.

With Arborgold MobileCrew app the information is updated in real-time. No need to have the office staff record hours, chemical usage, weather etc. Invoices can be created form the mobile crew app or in batch by the office with just a few clicks.

Now that’s a saving!

Improved Communication

Sharing real-time information between the office and the field is vital to reducing response times and eliminating calls back and forth with questions.  

In the lawn, tree, and landscape business schedule changes are a daily occurrence.  The customer cancels a job, there’s an emergency or jobs need to be rearranged due to weather.  In Arborgold cloud, the office staff can schedule additional work and move uncompleted jobs to another day and re-route the crew. The MobileCrew app is updated in real-time. No need for phone calls to the office for instructions.

Every landscape or tree care company's worst nightmare is cutting down the wrong tree or planting one in the wrong location. Arborgold MobileCrew App reporting

With Arborgold MobileCrew app your crews can view the salesperson’s drawing of the property or the tree inventory created at the time of the quote. Crews can also see photos, special work order notes, and more.  

Does customer want to add-on work?

Maybe an extra pile of brush they want to be picked up while the crew is there?

With Arborgold mobile app, crews can add on the additional work, track their time, and update the billing amount.

Best of all….with the mobile crew app, there’s no need for the office staff to wait until the end of the day to bill work orders. With user permissions enabled your crew leader can invoice the client from the app and print or email the client the invoice.

Don’t want your crews to bill in the field?

No problem.

All the work orders marked compete on the app are updated in Arborgold Cloud and are in the cue to be batch printed by the office staff.

Accountability for Time

Your employees' payroll hours accumulate for each hour they are on the clock. How much of that time are they productive on jobs versus drive time or shop time? How profitable are jobs after wages and other direct expenses such as equipment and materials? 

Using Arborgold's mobile crew app your crew leaders are accountable for each hour they are on the clock.  Having to clock crew members into activities, such as travel time, shop time, lunchtime etc. makes them be accountable for each hour of wages paid.

There’s no cheating on time by clocking into a job while on lunch break at the McDonalds. 

Aborgold MobileCrew App Employee and Job Tracking

As crew leaders clock in and out of jobs, the GPS location of the crew pinned on the map and can be viewed at any time by the office staff.  

With the Arborgold MobileCrew app, there’s no need to add up time cards. Hours for payroll are automatically accumulated and tallied up.

Payroll reporting gives a complete breakdown of productive hours (time on the job) versus the non-productive hours (drive

Arborgold MobileCrew Employee Productivity Report

time. shop time, lunch etc).  As a business manager or owner, this information can help you establish baselines and thresholds for crew performance and profitability.  

Arborgold MobileCrew App

Arborgold mobile iPhone app and Arborgold mobile android app both have the same features and can be used on either device. The app includes other features, such as task notification, routing, a summary screen of equipment and chemicals needed for the day.

Crew changes?

With Arborgold mobile app crews leaders can add or remove crew members as needed throughout the day.

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