Arborgold Automated Renewals


Does your current software offer automated renewals?

Renewals are the heart of your business. Without repeat clients, you have to find new clients each year to replace the ones you lose. The exciting news is every lawn, tree and landscape business has services that clients need year after year. The sad thing is, most businesses wait for the client to call and ask for services.

Why? Why don’t lawn, tree and landscape companies send out renewals to past customers? It boils down to a couple of reasons.

  1. “Too busy, customers call me every year anyway”
  2. “It’s too time-consuming to go through last years clients list and create new quotes”

Without a database like Arborgold, the renewal process is time-consuming.

With Arborgold automated renewals are a breeze to create. You can generate thousands of proposals at once, ready to print and or email to your clients.

Here’s How The Automated Renewals Works

Generate renewals for jobs performed within a date range, for example, all jobs completed last year.  Renewals can generate for selected types of services such as root feeding, lawn spraying, bed maintenance, etc..

Arborgold’s automated renewals process gives you the option to renew by sales rep, customer types, job tags and more.  

Assign the ad source to the new proposals as ‘renewal’ that way you can track how much money was generated from your efforts.

automated renewals save time and improve revenuesAfter the proposals are generated, you can edit, add, or delete services. You can also do edits in batch for things like price increases, adding additional services on to all renewals.   

After the renewals are edited, you're ready to print and send.

Printed renewals can include a cover letter, discounts, and deadlines to motivate your clients to return the new proposals in a timely manner.

Arborgold makes automated renewals for your clients a simple process.

In just minutes you could have thousands of renewal offers mailed or emailed to your clients. You’ll be happy you did it, and your clients will thank you for it!

  • Batch actions allow you to update the pricing, add on additional services and more
  • Print all the renewals at once or email to clients with email on file and print the remainder
  • Your printed proposals can include a cover letter, options for prepay discounts and more.

Bonus: With Arborgold, renewals that are accepted will create draft jobs you can schedule and sync to Google Calendar. Once the jobs are complete, Arborgold communicates directly to QuickBooks to eliminate duplicate entry during the accounting process.