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5 Reasons Taking Landscaping Classes Can Grow Your Business

There is always room to learn and improve, and taking landscaping classes is a great way to grow both personal skills and skills that will benefit your landscaping business. Many lawn care professionals think that once they are established, they are good to go. But, there is always more to learn! Whether it’s new technology or a new way of working, or maybe just getting new product knowledge or brushing up on techniques, there are plenty continuing education opportunities.

Landscaping classes are great for business owners and front line employees alike. Aside from simply keeping licenses and certificates up to date, landscaping classes are a great way to become the best in your field and also meet new people (including potential new employees or sub-contractors).

Here are a few reasons to consider landscaping classes:

Keeping everything up to date

It’s important to keep your licenses and certificates up to date. Whether it's compliance or handling chemicals, or maybe just first aid and CPR, you want to ensure that you have everything you need in order to be operating a business or working on the frontlines.

Continuing education

There is always room to expand your knowledge and skillset. There are courses such as garden design, working with 3D modeling, business courses, or other relevant landscaping courses that can help you be a better business owner, supervisor, or employee. Learning new skills can help you get a different perspective on what you’re doing, and it will help you motivate a team and ultimately grow business.

If you are an employee in the landscaping business, choosing to take continuing education courses can mean a promotion down the road. If you work on the sales team, you can take courses that help you generate new leads, pitch, and grow your sales funnel. There is something out there for everyone.

Something to do during the winter

Winter is usually slower for most landscaping companies, and taking a landscaping class is a great way to pass the time. Winter is a great time to take an online course about email marketing and using templates, leveraging technology to set up invoice and work order templates, or learning better ways to manage your company more effectively.

Use the time where you want to stay indoors to take some online courses or tutorials to enable you to run your company and do your job even better once high season comes around and you won’t have as much time to learn a new skill.

Develop new profit centers

Learning new techniques and knowledge means that you will start thinking of new business offerings for your clients. Maybe it’s a course on green friendly gardening, or landscaping design so you can feature add ons to your regular service. Maybe it’s even greenhouse maintenance, so you can offer a service in the winter when it’s slower.

When you are out learning new skills, your mind opens up to the endless possibilities of how you can leverage these skills to grow business.

Meet new people at landscaping classes

Taking a class in person, or attending a conference or weekend course means you will get to meet new people to expand your network. Maybe you will meet other business owners you can partner with, or you’ll meet your next star employee or sub-contractor. Maybe you have been struggling with finding a new supervisor with the right set of skills, and that supervisor is sitting next to you in your course. Networking is important even in landscaping, and taking a landscaping class will help you meet others in your industry.

There are many learning opportunities to choose from

Whether it’s reading a book, taking an online landscaping class or tutorial, attending a course in person, or going to a conference, there are lots of ways to learn more about your industry and craft. Arborgold software offers ongoing education classes to its business customers to expand their product knowledge to best utilize the features that can best benefit their business. The time you spend investing in learning will pay you back in business results.