3 Must Have Features in Snow Removal Software

snow plowing

Snow removal software is a must have for companies that offer snow removal as a service during the winter months.  Managing snow removal as a service is challenging. You never know if it is going to snow, how much snow, or how long it will last.  

Generic field service software may offer the basic features you need, but snow removal has it’s unique business management challenges.

That’s why snow removal software that includes these three features is a must have for any business large or small.   

Flexible Snow Removal Scheduling

It’s not easy predicting the weather. Even the weathermen has difficulty forecasting the timing of an impending snow storm. It’s important that your snow removal software give your employees the ability to schedule in the field as well as from the office.

One snow storm may require multiple plowings for the same customer in a twenty four hour period.  Scheduling and keeping track of the additional plows, salt, or ice melt on paper is risky.

Did the crew leader write all of it down?  

Failure to record additional plows could cost thousands of dollars in unbilled work. That’s why it is important that your snow removal software give crew leaders the ability to schedule additional plows from the field.

Efficient Billing

The last thing you want to worry about after an all-nighter of snow plowing is making sure all the jobs are billed correctly.

Do you bill clients based on time and material or bill per visit snow removal?  Snow removal software that offers flexibility for both options is important.snow removal software

The best snow removal software eliminates the headaches of billing clients.  All your completed snow plow jobs should be queued for the office staff to email or print.

Or better yet…

Your customers are already billed by the snow plow crews.  How? With a snow removal mobile crew app they can bill clients immediately after plowing.

What if there are multiple plows in one night or add on services like ice melt or salt?

A must have feature in snow removal software is the flexibility to allow crews to record additional plows and or additional services.  

Snow Removal Software Mobile Apps

When a snow storm hits things can get a bit hectic. Snow is quickly piling up on driveways and sidewalks and you need to send your crews out before it gets out of control.

The sooner your snow removal crew has instant accessibility to the scheduled jobs and routes the quicker they can mobilize and dispatch.

With mobile crew apps your crews can view their work order information from their smartphone and get real time updates when the schedule changes.

Job costing is critical in knowing your bottomline. With a snow removal crew app your crews can clock in and out of jobs to track time for time and material type billing and for job cost reports.

Arborgold’s Snow Removal Software

Arborgold has all the features your business needs to not only manage snow removal services in the winter but also your lawn, tree and landscape services.

Arborgold offers flexible scheduling options. Your jobs can be scheduled ahead of time or crews can schedule plows from a barcoded work orders using the MobileCrew QR App.  

Not only does Arborgold’s mobile crew app gives your teams the ability to track job time for job costing, but also track time for other activities such as travel time, shop time, lunch etc.

Using Arborgold your invoicing is fast and simple. Whether you bill based on time and material or per plow your crews can bill from the field or in batch from the office.  

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