10 Ways Electronic Time Tracking Can Improve Your Lawn Care Bottom Line

Time Tracking GPS software
Time Tracking GPS software

Arborgold designs landscaping software for lawn care businesses like yours. We understand that the unique structure of a field-based business requires a bespoke approach to time tracking and business management. Generic software just doesn’t do the trick.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways your business can benefit from electronic time tracking so you see the Arborgold advantage.

1. Keeps Tabs on Your Crew

Electronic time tracking lets you see when your crew clocks in on the job, where they are, and how long they spend on each task. This extremely detailed clock-in service provides you with accurate and up-to-date scheduling information on crews in and out of the office.

Whether you have a team in transit, in the field, or clocking out for the day, you can see exactly where your crew is and monitor deadlines and job management from anywhere with your mobile device.

Knowing where your team is lets you manage new appointments and other scheduled events more efficiently. You can tell when a crew member is completing one task and moving on to the next, what equipment they’re using, and who else on your team is nearby.

2. Manages Project Costs

Knowing how long it takes your crew to finish particular tasks, drive to each location, and use certain types of equipment on-site, allows you to project costs for future scheduled projects. You can track:

  • Gas usage
  • Number of paid hours
  • Travel time

This allows you to project potential future jobs, and necessary costs of equipment, fuel, staff, and more.

3. Tells You How Much Time is Spent on Task

No matter how great your team is, there’s room for improvement in productivity. Electronic time tracking lets you pinpoint which team members are making the most of their time and who could use some work on time management.

From your mobile app, you can watch your team:

  • Clock in
  • Take breaks
  • Change projects
  • Log driving time
  • Clock out

Everything that happens in your app happens in real-time, letting you see moment to moment action of your team in the field.

4. Projects Future Revenue

Knowing how much work your team can conclude in a workday helps you project future profits. As you pour over time tracking figures, our software automatically compiles data for you to read weekly, monthly, and even annual time reports. You can see which employees are making an impact on your bottom line, and how their future performance might increase profit in the coming quarter.

5. Enhances Payroll

Along with the automatic time reports comes the convenience of tighter payroll. Your team in the accounting department won’t need to fumble through piles of data but can easily read daily and weekly reports of each employee’s timecard. Payroll can see:

  • Employee paid hours on duty
  • Break times
  • Sick leave
  • Paid vacation days
  • Maternity or paternity leave

With the push of a button, accounting can also share files with management for approval. All these streamlined payroll efforts make for easy tax filing.

6. Creates More Accurate Reports

Landscaping companies base a lot of decisions on reports. Electronic time tracking makes for more accurate reporting from employees and payroll.

The more accurate your time tracking reports, the more realistic your quotes and deadlines become. Clients expect landscaping teams to meet deadlines on time. When this doesn’t happen, daily lives are disrupted, and your business is put in peril of losing a job.

7. Updates on Progress

Your customers don’t just want you to meet deadlines, they want to know that your crew is hitting benchmarks on time. Electronic time tracking lets you receive updates on progress as a job occurs. Your crew can share important details on the job site, equipment use and roadblocks, so you can stay on top of potential timeframe extensions.

Being in constant communication with clients is the best way to avoid any unpleasant surprises and remain as transparent as possible. Nobody likes it when a deadline is missed, but it’s easier to swallow when you can predict the finalization of a project and let your client know in advance that the date has moved.

8. Integrates with QuickBooks and Google Maps

Landscaping companies rely on several tools to make their jobs run more smoothly. At Arborgold, we ensure our mobile business software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and Google Maps, so you can track your crew, and manage schedules without jumping from app to app.

Our landscape software CRM is designed to give you access to all the tools and information you need to be successful in the field.

9. Lets You Search By Crew, Job, Client, or Service

Time tracking is tricky. There is a lot of data going into one tool and looking up specific jobs or time punches can be difficult. Fortunately, electronic time tracking lets you search by crew member, client, job type, or service type. This gives you access to any data you need by any means necessary.

Whether a mishap requires reflection, or you simply need to confirm a time punch, you can find it without any added stress or wasted time.

10. Happens in Real-Time

Everything in your electronic time tracking tool happens in real-time. This means you are witnessing your crew in action as it happens. If a team member clocks in at a job site, you know they are beginning their task. This is especially helpful if you need to locate a certain crew member or piece of equipment. You know where everyone is because it is all logged as it happens.

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Take a Tour with Arborgold

If you have a landscaping or lawn care business and are looking for ways to improve scheduling, reporting, and ROI, we can help. Arborgold’s electronic time tracking software maximizes productivity and minimizes time waste, letting you spend more time managing your business and less time organizing schedules.

For more information on Arborgold’s business software and electronic time tracking tools, we invite you to take our tour.

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