Why Marketing Matters for A Lawn, Tree Care, and Landscape Business

So why does marketing matter for landscape, lawn & tree care businesses?

The simple answer is... If nobody knows that you're in business, they won't hire you. Landscape business marketing matters because you have to get your business name out into the public eye to grow a client base.  There are a lot of opportunities to spend time and money when considering Tree Service, Lawn Care, and Landscape business marketing.  But you have to make a good running head start. Here's how:

Create an online marketing campaign.

According to statistics listed by Hub Spot, an inbound marketing and sales software company, 50% of consumers searching on mobile devices are looking for local results. On top of that, 61% of those searches ended with a purchase! If your landscape business had an online presence, you could, should, and would show up in those local search results and be a part of that 61%.

Arborgold Landscape Business Marketing follows up on your proposals so you don't have toSo how do you get there?

Search engine optimization and advertising of course!  Sounds like rocket science.  Here's the skinny at high level. If and when you build your website, make sure you're using words that relate well to people's search terms.  If you think your clients are typing in "Landscaper St. Louis" in Google, then your site better have those exact keywords all over your pages. This is a core principle when doing landscape business marketing online.

And then there's email...

When it comes to email marketing, personalization is a key component.  It's all about positive reactions and results with readers. Did you know? Sales Force, a leading B2B Consulting Industry CRM, shows that personalizing your email marketing campaign can increase your chances of having a customer read your email by 22.2%. If a business sends a coupon or discount in its email, on average, 7 out of 10 consumers used it.

Three ways to make the most out of your email campaign

Start by using Arborgold's email marketing feature. It not only helps you send follow-up emails to leads who have a proposal or bid in hand, but the system will help you keep in touch with your existing happy clients! By using contact data fields, each email can be super personal. When marketing matters for your landscape or lawn care business, the idea of personalizing your emails is as simple as point and click.

Implement lead capture forms. Arborgold offers form code you put on your website for things like "Get an Estimate" or "Contact Us". By using an automated lead capture system, sales representatives from your team receive an immediate notification when the form is filled out AND the prospective client receives an automatic email notification.

Seriously. When you make immediate contact with any lead, they're spending less time looking elsewhere for the services you provide.

The quality of work you do as a landscaper or a lawn and tree care professional is unbelievably important. But if people don’t know you’re out there, how will you get a chance to show them what great work you do?

This is why marketing matters. It's an important key to your success. There are a lot of marketing avenues out there and it can be overwhelming.

So what's the real secret?

Focus on the strategies that work for your landscape or lawn care business and refine them to be the best they can be. Learn more about how companies are managing their lawn care business customer care with interactive customer portals here.