Automated Email Marketing for Followups

Did you know that perfectly timed emails during any sales process can improve your close ratio up to 81%? With Arborgold’s Automated Marketing feature, integrated through Elastic Email, you can customize and setup automated emails to your contacts while you’re waiting on that final decision.

Arborgold Automated Marketing - Automatic Follow up on all your Estimates
Arborgold Cross Market Services - Sell New Services to Existing Clients

Cross Selling / Email Marketing

Not ALL new revenue needs to come from new customers! Use Arborgold’s cross selling feature to uncover new sales from your existing customers. With just a couple clicks and Arborgold’s built-in email marketing tool you can get your message out and market services to your customers.

Example: In a couple of clicks, you can locate customers who have purchased lawn services but not tree services. Or, locate customers that have grub control but not coring and aeration. Upsell, upsell, upsell with a great discount offer of something they haven’t purchased from you yet!

Voice Broadcast Messaging

A unique way to say “thanks” introduce new services, upcoming specials, and so much more. As a field service company, you’re looking to communicate instantly with your contact audience. Using one of today’s top performing broadcast wholesaler, Twilio, Arborgold’s voice broadcasting tool for lawn care, landscape and tree service professionals delivers information that they need to know, NOW.

Example:  Use Voice Broadcasting for new service notifications, past due invoice reminders, on-site job appointment reminders, and so much more.

Arborgold Phone Broadcast - Automate Alerts to your Customers
Arborgold's Web to Lead Form Creates Sales Inquiries from your Website

Lead Capture Forms

Reducing the time frame between leads who fill out a “request an estimate” or “contact us” form on your website is the key to beating out your competition for any proposal or quote. Used in combination with Arborgold’s robust CRM and Email Marketing features, you can how put simple form code on your website to capture new leads DIRECTLY into Arborgold for automated follow up, and immediate sales team notification.

Bonus: use Arborgold’s integrated email marketing features to market to leads that haven’t converted!
Renewals Generation allows you copy your recurring contracts in batch with a click of a button.

Generate Renewals

No one loves “recreating the wheel”. When your customers’ contracts come up for renewal, Arborgold’s “Renewals Feature” can save your and your team THOUSANDS of hours usually spent copying each contract into a brand new proposal. YUCK!

Select one or many in your customer list: In just a couple of clicks you’ve created an exact replica of last year’s contract for services that is ready for email or print. Modify a couple of things here and there such as:

  • Price Increases
  • Price Rounding
  • Even set it to AutoRenew send it straight to work order!

In every way, you’re ahead of the renewals game with Arborgold. With the built-in email marketing feature you can email the renewals to all your customers.

Dynamic Proposal

MAKE A STATEMENT with proposals that POP. Today’s top performing companies are delivery interactive proposals that convert to sales. No more third party software to generate online flip page proposals. You can even capture and accept your customer’s signature online and replace the manual PO process.

BONUS: Copies of your signed proposals are automatically emailed to your customer and sales rep and electronically stored in your Arborgold customer digital record.

Dynamic Proposal adds the wow factor for when you need to impress your client.
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