Which Landscape Management Software is Right for You?

landscape management software
landscape management software

No two landscaping companies are the same, and it is these unique qualities that allow us to provide bespoke services to our customers. With so many landscaping business models on the horizon, it can be tough to determine which landscape management software is the right software for your needs. Fortunately, there are some things that help differentiate CRM from Supply Chain Software and show you which is best for you.

At Arborgold, we work with the best and brightest landscapers around, ensuring you have the tools and resources you need to get ahead and stay on top. Through our time developing business software, we have come to learn a lot about which types of software are best suited to which business style. When you choose the software with the most to offer your business, you have a greater chance for success in the future. Here, we have compiled some information to help you choose the software which will optimize your brand.

Customer Relation Management Software

The modern business world runs on digital technology, and most company leaders recognize the term CRM. CRM, or customer relationship management, is a business management software system designed to help you simplify customer relations and simultaneously manage your business.

This style of software is best suited to companies who operate across multiple job sites. This is because of the variety of scheduling and communication tools made available through the platform. Some of the more popular resources include:

Real-time scheduling: Scheduling is easier with help, which is why we design our schedules to work in real-time as employees check-in, check-out, request vacation, and call in sick. Always knowing where your team is and who is available to take on a new job puts you in control of your business’ success.

Chat features: Communication is key in all businesses, but especially in businesses that send employees into the field. Unlike an office setting where you can monitor your employees with a quick walk around the building, landscaping professionals need to have open communication as many of their team members are off-site for the majority of a shift. A CRM has built-in communication tools that allow all your team members to send and receive messages, so everybody is on the same page.

GPS: Another feature that benefits field employees is GPS. Real-time GPS reporting lets you see where your team is driving, whether they are taking the best route, and even how much gas they are using regularly. This helps you better plan future jobs.

Lead Flow Routing: The lead flow is tricky to manage when done manually. There is the collecting of data, the sending of invites, the follow-up and more. Automated services provided through your CRM help you track these initiatives and keep leads flowing successfully.

Estimating Software

Estimating is a big part of landscaping work because clients need to know what to expect from project outcomes and price points. Estimating software is best for companies that handle large scale projects and multi-day jobs, where the calculations and project projections may become overwhelming. Estimating software not only helps you give your client a realistic prediction for cost and supplies, but also provides you access to digital landscape drawings and large proposal templates to ensure you are giving your potential clients all the information you need to land the job.

If you make multiple bids for jobs and are looking for a way to outshine competitors, estimating software could be the key. Being able to produce realistic predictions for a potential job shows future clients that you are an authority in your field and that you are knowledgeable about their build type.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling software is necessary for companies with multiple crews spread out across a variety of territories. This software utilizes tools like time tracking and smart routine to tell you which employee is where, where they are going next, how long they will be on a site, and which equipment they are using. This lets you better pinpoint job costs and track hours for payroll and tax purposes.

Scheduling software optimizes the way you manage employees and clients. As a new job becomes available, your software matches the job to employees who meet time requirements and certification specifications. For example, the software knows which employees are certified to drive a forklift, and can run the tractor. This helps guarantee your clients are receiving the teammates best suited to their job site.

Supply Chain Software

Dealing with vendors gets confusing. If you are a company with multiple vendors, your vendor landscape management software can help automate everything from material inventory tracking to vendor communications.

Organizing vendors and automating the communication through your business software leaves room for you to manage other aspects of your company with a more hands-on approach. It also ensures no manual mistakes are made as vender documents are filled and filed.

Project Management Software

Project management software includes a broad range of tools and resources, including the integration of accounting, email, marketing, and various third-party processes. Managing a project can be a big task, and this software is best for those landscaping brands which often manage multiple large-scale projects at one time.

Multitasking is something landscaping professionals become good at very quickly. However, there is still plenty of room for error as you navigate your way through a new project. Having all your projects and project resources in one place makes it easier to organize your team and supplies for every new build.

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