How to Track & Manage Deep Root Feeding & Injections Schedule

Tree Injection Schedule
Tree Injection Schedule Tracking

While the tree, shrub, and plant business is rewarding, it has many obstacles. Those within the landscaping industry are privy to the diseases, insects, and malnourishment that can damage product, and ruin credibility as a supplier. Losing money and inventory over these issues has long been a problem, which is why so many lawn care and tree specialists choose to use deep root feedings by injection to maintain maximum tree health. Benefits of root injection include:

  • Lush bright foliage
  • Resistance to disease
  • Decreased soil compaction
  • Oxygen delivery through air pockets that form during feeding
  • Less likely to fall victim to drought
  • Improved insect repellence

While deep root injections have long been the preferred method of tree nourishment, it’s a time-consuming process to monitor and track every single injection site. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the time spent on this process.

How Does Deep Root Fertilization Work?

Before we dive into the best method to track deep root fertilization, we’ll touch on the way it is delivered. Nutrition is crucial to the health of trees, and root injection ensures your plants are receiving the care they need to thrive. To provide this to trees, which produce long thick roots in a variety of patterns, a soil needle is used to deliver liquid nutrients by the method of pressure.

The needle is inserted into specific areas around the roots, sometimes in a grid pattern to ensure the roots are receiving the fertilizer. This process is on a slow-release timer to decrease the chance of root burn, which is a common problem with the feeder roots as they are quite fragile.

This is a great way to feed trees whose roots reside below a lot of shrubbery, moss, or other plants that are likely to absorb all the nutrients and moisture before the tree roots can get to it. Many plants are fed fertilizer topically, but this method doesn’t help trees, whose roots often lie so far below the surface, the fertilizer doesn’t benefit them.

When to be Concerned Your Trees Need Fertilization

While a scheduled nutrition schedule will keep your plants on track for a healthy life, there are sometimes signs a tree isn’t receiving the nutrition it needs. Some of these signals include:

  • Deteriorating branch tips: Unlike other plants, trees decay from the tip of the branch downward. So, if you’re noticing dead leaves, buds that don’t open, or branches that appear to be decaying, your tree may not be receiving the nutrients it requires to thrive.
  • Nearby construction sites: It might seem strange, but nearby construction could wreak havoc on your trees. Due to the lengths at which tree roots grow, and the connectivity of soil and water supplies within any given area, a nearby construction project could cause root breakage, drought, or prohibit the supply of nutrients a tree would normally receive by scaring away animals and insects normally in the area.
  • Undersized or discolored leaves: The leaves on your tree tell a story about its overall health. If you’re noticing leaves coming in smaller, the veins appearing darker, or the colors looking different, your tree could be in peril.

Deep root fertilization can often slow or reverse these symptoms. In some cases, trees are too far gone to be saved by fertilization alone and may require the help of a specialist. Fortunately, many lawn care professionals are trained in these areas and you should be able to save your plant.

Tracking Your Deep Root Fertilization with Plant Health Care Software

Now that you know why deep root fertilization is crucial and how to tell when your trees require fertilization, it’s time to discuss scheduling your injections. Arborgold’s plant health care software provides all the information and tools you need to stay on track with maintaining tree health.

Scheduling requires attention to detail, checking calendars, setting timers, keeping crew apprised of tasks, and much more. We’ve condensed all of these efforts into a useful scheduling tool that you can use to monitor your team, provide important information on upcoming jobs, provide GPS directions, and track where they are at any given time. This tells you when you need to provide root fertilization, to which properties, and can include details like the type and amount of fertilizer required.

Some other aspects of Arborgold’s plant health care software that can improve your deep root fertilization scheduling include:

  • Resource tracking: Keeping track of the materials and products being used helps maintain order in your warehouse and reduces the chance you run out of fertilizer. Our resource tracker tells you how much is on hand, on the move, and what’s been wasted. This helps you order and maintain order within your business.
  • Tree inventory: Aside from customer jobs, many landscaping and lawn care companies have their own supply of plants and inventory to contend with. The plant health care software always keeps you up to speed on what’s growing in your nursery.
  • Contract renewals: Staying abreast of customer contracts and renewing them as they come to completion is crucial to the success of any company. Our software makes billing and renewing fertilizer services as easy as the click of a button.
  • Customer service: What are landscaping and lawn care without customer service. Our customer service software simplifies and streamlines engaging with customers, and includes access to automated e-mail, text message, and other important services.

Take the Arborgold Tour Today

Arborgold isn’t your run of the mill customer service and business software providers. We specialize in the landscaping, lawn and plant care industries. Our software is designed with these niches in mind, providing bespoke tools to help in specific situations that arise within these fields.

Arborgold truly believes that a greener world will make for a brighter tomorrow, which is why we’re so passionate about helping landscapers and lawn care specialists succeed. This is an industry that helps the planet and our local communities thrive.

If you’re a member of the plant health and landscaping community, we invite you to take a tour of Arborgold, and all we have to offer. Learn more about our services, including plant nutrition management and deep root feeding tracking.

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