Why Lawn Maintenance Software Keeps you in the Loop

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Truth: You need to stay connected to your business so you can grow.

As a business owner, you need to monitor everything. What are your crews doing, what’s happening in the marketing department, how is your sales force doing and much more. In fact, there are so many things that we need to keep in check that it can be exhausting.

To remedy this problem you create spreadsheets, train your crews to input data correctly and a number of other ‘tricks and tactics’ to increase the overall efficiency of your operation. However, even after all of this you still can’t seem to be omnipotent in your own business.

While omnipotence still isn’t a viable option for business owners, there is something that is ‘almost as good’. Lawn maintenance software allows you to keep all your information within a cloud and connects all aspects of your business under one ‘virtual roof’.

Lawn Maintenance Software – Almost omnipotent!

So how does it work?

As you very well know, every business has different departments: Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Labor Force, Legal, Accounting and more. Without lawn maintenance software, these entities essentially operate independently within the organization. Only ‘department specific’ information is shared between departments.

With lawn maintenance software, you inter-connect all of these departments within a ‘cloud’. The software automates the intake of certain information and automatically allocates it to the corresponding department.

More importantly with this ‘interconnectivity’, the software has greater insight to how your business operates. In addition, with an environment of ‘shared information’ every department, crew and sales person knows exactly what everyone is doing. For instance, if a sales person obtains a new client, the order is automatically forwarded to the corresponding departments. Crews are notified, maps are sent, budgets drawn up, invoices sent, follow emails and much more.

As you can see that, this automated process increases response time significantly while reducing ‘human error’ in the process. With a quicker more efficient response time, your clients will be much more satisfied with your service, which will ultimately stimulate client retention.

You have access to all this information, all the data, transactions, billings and more in the palm of your hand.

How costly is ‘virtual omnipotence’?

You might think that software like this will cost a lot, but you’d be surprised to find out its actually very accessible. With the SaaS (Software as a Service) revolution, high-end software that previously could be owned only by the multi-million dollar companies, are now accessible to small and medium sized business as well.

The lawn maintenance software I was describing above definitely classifies as premium software but luckily, the price tag for thus said software is very reasonable. With the option for different packs, you get to decide how much you spend on this software per month.

Gear up your Business

Can you imagine how much more efficiently you can run a business if you have data on every department of your company? You can see response times, and directly speak to each department from anywhere as long as you have your tablet or smartphone on you. Lawn maintenance software gives you the power of ‘virtual omnipotence’ at least within your business processes.

Arborgold in 60 Seconds

It’s time to take your business and put it in the palm of your hand….literally!  Visit Lawn and Landscape Magazine for more ideas for your business.

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