Lawn Care Billing Software

Why Manage your Business with Lawn Care Billing Software?

With the growth of this business, the need to raise a standard and maintain is prudent to keep your clients satisfied. The use of lawn care business software is one of the ways to ensure you are on top of the game. Stay in touch with your office work as you concentrate with your core business, taking care of lawns.

Lawn care billing software could ease your office work. 

Lawn care billing software is meant to manage office paper work and fasten response time to clients’ inquiries.  It should help you give accurate quotes to clients just by the parameters they provide. This allows a client to get a quick quote over the phone, reducing time between enquiry and the company’s response. The software is able to generate contracts with standard contract terms that can be edited to fit a business’ needs. So contracts are a breeze and you need not worry that all the terms have been listed. On renewal, you just edit some information and the print out is ready in a few minutes.

A company can easily manage clients’ accounts tracking the billing process and sending out bills on time. They are also able to schedule client visits with ease as the software plans all aspects of a clients account, scheduling dates for visits in line with the requirements of the client. Office expenses can be tracked with lawn care business software, allowing receipts and checks to be recorded and can be used in tax calculations.

How to make the most of lawn care billing software.

Lawn care billing software is meant to ensure the business owner can track their expenses against their income and find how profitable the business has been. The software tracks the materials used by a client, by billing it to a client’s account immediately the order for a job has been made. The loss of materials is reduced by this tracking system. Using just the measurements clients give, lawn care business software would be able to give you all the materials you will need and the costs you will incur with a very small margin for error. In addition to this, business progress can be tracked daily, weekly, monthly and annually. It also helps in managing client history and work done, updating clients records immediately. The software can also be customized to allow a company to process debit and credit payments. The payments can be programmed to automatically charge accounts for periodic payments.

Business owners can also use lawn care business software for routing. This will ensure a workers route has the shortest distances between jobs and they are laid out in the most efficient order, reducing the time spent on the road and increase time spent on the job. The software can also use GPS tracking to track company vehicles even offering turn by turn navigation on work routes. This also means that a report can be generated for the same vehicle’s route on request.

Run a profitable business, keep your work easy and concentrate on the core business. Invest in lawn care billing software, schedule an appointment with  our sales team and learn how you can reduce the time you spend on billing.