What Are the Advantages of Using Landscape Accounting Software with Quickbooks?

Employee Access to QuickBooks

For landscaping companies, the search for software designed to handle your day to day is ongoing. In an industry with a very specific business model, including field employees and recurring services, it helps to work with software designed for landscaping, rather than a generic platform. At Arborgold, we pride ourselves on the creation and consistent evolution of software for companies like yours.

One of the ways we rise above the competition is by integrating low maintenance software with Quickbooks. Quickbooks is a top of the line accounting software designed to help businesses manage expenses, tax data compilation, customer payments, and much more. By offering lawn care software integration with Quickbooks, our clients reap several benefits unavailable through other software systems.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of landscaping software with Quickbooks? Here are some of the things you can look forward to.

Everything in One Easy to Use Program

Perhaps the biggest reason landscape accounting software Quickbooks is so beneficial to lawn care companies is that it takes everything you need to manage your company and puts it in one tool. There is nothing worse than navigating through several windows, across multiple platforms, entering a variety of passwords, and clicking through tabs of disorganized data in the hopes of finding what you need.

Landscaping businesses have to manage a team in the field, a team in the office, various tools and pieces of large equipment, inventory of plants and other products, customer data, invoicing, outgoing payments, incoming funds, and more. With a program designed specifically for your business model, complete with software trusted by accountants across North America, you are prepared for anything that comes your way. Spend less time flitting between software platforms and more time managing your business by choosing lawn care software integration with Quickbooks.

Integrated Scheduling Features

The landscaping marketplace in the United States is a 101.7-billion-dollar industry and growing every day. Therefore, landscaping business owners are looking for more from their company software. Lawn care software integration with Quickbooks not only provides you access to simplified accounting tools, it also provides a variety of other features, like integrated scheduling.

Landscaping is all about services provided outside of the office. This means your clients and crew are spread out across the city with a complex collection of tasks underway. Integrated scheduling allows you to keep track of your employees in real time, managing check-in and check-outs on projects, employee absences and vacation days, monitoring overtime, and more.

This scheduling feature also manages customer accounts, creating schedules and maintaining them through automated programming. This helps you keep track of those clients who have recurring services vs. one-time services. It also increases your ability to upsell by noticing which clients are currently paying for which services and whether there are other services they could use.

Realistic Estimations

Like many businesses in the field, landscaping requires estimations to let your clients know the potential cost for a project. Estimations are a huge indicator as to whether you will win a bid and keep a customer. Consumers who receive unrealistic bids without any substance are not likely to be a returning customer. Whereas, offering consumers realistic estimations with a detailed breakdown of time and money will provide an air of transparency modern consumers crave.

At Arborgold, we not only offer lawn maintenance software with Quickbooks, we offer lawn maintenance software with all the tools you need to make your mark on this industry and get ahead. Dazzle clients with our design tools to provide a mock-up of a future project, show them the work you are putting into a service and they are more likely to understand the value of your estimation.

Digital Messaging and Time Tracking

With employees in the field, monitoring who is where and doing what gets confusing. It is not like a generic office setting where you can walk into the next room and count employees in neatly laid out cubicles. This is a system reliant on constant communication. Fortunately, Arborgold’s lawn care software provides access to digital messaging and time tracking so you can see where your employees are.

Not only does this feature let you manage employees, it also lets you manage projects. Knowing how far along one employee is on a particular project allows you to offer clients a realistic time frame for the next project on the docket. This keeps you from double booking staff and equipment.

The digital messaging component lets you keep in touch with staff in real time no matter where you are. Whether your team is across the city or down the street, you can ensure every member knows the daily schedule, the equipment they should be using, and receive updates as projects are completed.

Automation Follow-up for Bids

Bids are the bread and butter of the landscaping industry, and there is nothing worse than missing out on a project because you forgot to follow-up on your bid. Landscape accounting software with Quickbooks opens the doors to automation. Automated follow-ups are designed by you with the information you choose to include. They can be designed to suit the company or client you are bidding with through customizable templates.

When you bid on a project through your landscaping software, the automated follow-ups are scheduled to be sent out at a designated time to remind your potential new client of your offer. This increases the chances of winning your bid.

Contact Arborgold for More

If you are a landscaping company looking for access to software designed for your industry, we invite you to contact Arborgold. We make software for businesses like yours because we understand the intricacies of landscaping, and want our clients to have the tools, support, and information you need to succeed.

Interested in learning more about Arborgold and our integrated software including Quickbooks? Take a tour of our software today.

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