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If you want to know how to write a job posting to help you fill a position at your company with a qualified candidate, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. Currently, unemployment rates are lower than they have been for some time, so it's a bit more of a challenge for employers to find the right people. The following guide should help you to write a job posting that will attract the right kinds of people.

How to Write a Job Posting Starts With Creating Interest

If you want to know how to write a job posting that attracts people, then use a creative title or description for the job. Much like an interesting opening scene in a book or movie captures people's attention, a great opening can help to draw perspective employees in and keep them reading the rest of the job posting.

Explain What Your Company Does

Most qualified candidates for a job will want to know a little bit about the company they are applying to work for. This is your opportunity to sell them on why they should want to work for you. Yes, the person reading the job posting is the one that is trying to get a job. But while they are trying to get you to hire them, you are also using this job posting to try to recruit the best person possible.

Explain Why Someone Would Want To Work For Your Company

This is a point in the job posting where you can highlight what it is about your company that should interest people. Highlight growth, the opportunity for advancement, and anything else that would make your company a preferred employer.

Talk About The Job's Location

Since a lot of people apply for jobs online now, it's more important than ever before that you are very clear in describing where the person you hire will be working. The last thing you want to do is to find a great person to fill the position, then find out later that due to a misunderstanding about where they will be working makes it unfeasible for them to take the job.

Clearly Outline The Application Process

You should end your job posting by explaining what interested candidates should do next if they are interested in applying. Make sure that you explain the process thoroughly, and also explain that after reviewing applications someone from your company will contact any applicants that appear to be a good fit for the company.