How to Set Snow Plow Prices That Are Fair to You and Your Customers

Commercial Snow Plowing

As the winter approaches and the threat of heavy snowfall looms, snow plow businesses are ready to gear up. While the prospect of snow removal services including, clearing driveways and parking lots brings opportunities for revenue, it also presents the challenge of setting fair prices that satisfy both the business and its customers.

In the competitive landscape of snow removal service business, finding the right snow removal pricing formula between profitability and customer satisfaction is crucial for long-term success. Pricing your services too high can alienate customers, while pricing too low can leave you under-compensated for your efforts.

Mastering Fair Pricing: Key Essentials for Setting Snow Plow Rates

1. Understand Your Costs

Establishing a solid foundation for your snow plow business begins with an examination of your operational expenses. This process involves looking into various cost components, each playing a huge role in determining your pricing structure.

Let’s dive into the key factors that need your attention:


Fuel costs are a significant consideration, and fluctuations in fuel prices can impact your overall budget. Assess the efficiency of your vehicles and calculate fuel consumption rates to ensure accurate cost projections.
Fuel Surcharge

Vehicle Maintenance:

Maintaining a fleet of reliable snow removal vehicles is essential for timely and effective service, helping lower snow removal costs. Consider expenses related to regular maintenance, repairs, and any necessary upgrades to keep your equipment in optimal working condition.
Snow pusher

Labor Costs:

Your workforce is a crucial component of your operation. Factor in wages, benefits, and any additional compensation to ensure that your team is fairly compensated for their expertise and efforts.


Insurance costs are a non-negotiable aspect of operating a snow plow business. This includes coverage for your vehicles, liability insurance, and potentially workers’ compensation insurance. Accurately accounting for these costs is vital in establishing a comprehensive pricing model.

Overhead Expenses:

Office rent, utilities, and other overhead expenses contribute to the overall financial landscape of your business. These fixed costs need to be distributed across your services to determine a fair and sustainable pricing structure.

Equipment Depreciation:

Recognizing the depreciation of your snow removal equipment is crucial for long-term financial planning. Regularly assess the value of your equipment and incorporate depreciation into your pricing calculations to ensure that future equipment investments are accounted for.

Once you outline your operating costs, the next step is to translate this data into a pricing strategy that balances profitability and fairness. By calculating a per-hour or per-inch rate, you can ensure that each service not only covers its direct costs but also contributes to the overall sustainability and growth of your business.

To streamline this process and gain a deeper understanding of your costs, consider leveraging technology like Arborgold’s snow removal field service estimating, scheduling, and job management software. This innovative tool provides a centralized platform for accurate tracking and management of your costs, offering valuable insights that empower you to set prices that are not only fair to your customers but also ensure a reasonable profit for your business.
Snow plow pricing strategy

2. Research Market Rates

Researching the average rates charged by snow plow companies in your area will provide valuable insights into what customers expect and what is considered fair compensation for your services. Consider factors like location, snowfall intensity, and competition when comparing rates.

Pricing your services too high can alienate customers, while pricing too low can leave you under-compensated for your efforts. Researching the average rates charged by snow plow companies in your area will provide valuable insights into what customers expect and what is considered fair compensation for your services.


3. Offer Multiple Pricing Options

Recognizing that each customer is unique, tailoring your pricing options to their diverse needs and budgets is a strategic move that enhances customer satisfaction and boosts your competitiveness. Arborgold’s innovative software solutions play a crucial role in facilitating this customization, ensuring your pricing plans align seamlessly with the preferences of your clientele.

Seasonal Contracts for Guaranteed Service:

Offering seasonal contracts is a win-win strategy. Customers benefit from a discounted rate, providing them with cost predictability throughout the winter season. Arborgold’s software empowers you to efficiently manage and organize seasonal contracts, ensuring that your team is scheduled accordingly. 
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Per-Inch Pricing for Precision and Cost Efficiency:

For larger snowfalls, implementing per-inch pricing provides customers with a fair and transparent way to pay for the snow that is actually removed. Arborgold’s software allows you to easily implement and manage per-inch pricing structures, ensuring accuracy and consistency in billing. 

Hourly Rates for Flexibility in Service Options:

Offering hourly rates for smaller jobs or those who prefer a more flexible service option caters to this need. Arborgold’s software simplifies the billing process for hourly rates, providing accurate tracking and transparent invoicing. Take a product tour today!

Multi-Property Discounts:

Customers with multiple locations often seek comprehensive solutions. Providing multi-property discounts incentivizes these clients to consolidate their snow removal services with your business. Arborgold’s software enables you to efficiently manage multi-property contracts, offering seamless coordination and billing across various locations.

Arborgold’s flexible scheduling and billing features enable you to create and manage a variety of pricing plans, providing options that align with your customers’ preferences.


4. Factor in Additional Services

Unlocking new revenue streams lies in expanding your service offerings beyond the basics. Arborgold’s comprehensive suite of tools provides the framework for managing and tracking these additional services, ensuring that your business not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs of your clientele.

Ice Removal:

Offering ice removal services is a proactive approach to winter safety. Arborgold’s software allows you to seamlessly integrate ice removal into your service portfolio. By including this service, you not only contribute to the safety of your clients but also become known as for being one of the many trusted snow removal companies, enhancing the overall value proposition of your business.

Salting Services:

Salting is a fundamental aspect of effective snow management. Arborgold’s software enables you to incorporate salting services into your offerings with ease. Whether it’s pre-scheduled salting for preventative measures or on-demand services, the software provides the flexibility to manage and track salting operations efficiently.

Sidewalk Snow Removal:

Sidewalk snow removal is often a critical service, especially for businesses and residential areas. Arborgold’s suite of tools helps you organize and track sidewalk clearing operations. By offering this service, you provide a comprehensive snow removal solution, making your business an indispensable partner for your clients’ winter maintenance needs.
Crew Removing Snow From Sidewalk

Snow Removal from Rooftops:

Heavy snow accumulation on rooftops poses risks such as structural damage and leaks. By offering roof snow removal services, you address a crucial concern for property owners. Arborgold’s software allows you to manage and track rooftop snow removal efficiently, ensuring that your business is compensated fairly for this specialized service.
Hand Shoveling for Delicate Areas:

Certain areas require a more delicate touch, such as entrances, walkways, or areas with sensitive landscaping. Providing hand shoveling services demonstrates your commitment to precision and attention to detail. Arborgold’s tools assist in managing and tracking these specialized services, ensuring accurate compensation for the time and effort invested.

Arborgold’s comprehensive suite of tools and features acts as a force multiplier, enabling your business to seamlessly integrate and manage these additional services.

5. Seasonal Promotions and Bundles

Introduce seasonal promotions and bundled services to incentivize customers to choose comprehensive snow removal prices. Consider combining services like snow plowing, salting, and sidewalk clearing into cost-effective packages. Promotions and bundles not only attract new customers but also encourage existing ones to opt for a broader range of services, justifying the pricing through bundled cost efficiencies.

6. Maintain Open Communication

Establishing clear and consistent communication channels with your customers is key to customer satisfaction. Respond promptly to inquiries, provide regular updates on snow forecasts and service schedules, and be open to feedback.

Utilizing Varied Communication Channels:

Effective communication is about meeting customers where they are. Arborgold’s CRM system facilitates communication through diverse channels such as email, text messages, and a dedicated customer portal. By providing multiple touchpoints, you ensure that your clients receive information in the format they prefer, enhancing overall accessibility and engagement.
Email Marketing for Snow Removal
Rapid Response to Inquiries:

In the digital age, a prompt response is synonymous with professionalism. Arborgold’s CRM capabilities empower your team to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours or less. This swift response not only showcases your commitment to excellent customer service but also addresses customer concerns or queries in a timely manner, bolstering their confidence in your reliability.

Providing Clear Instructions for Preparation:

Clarity is key in service-oriented industries. Arborgold’s CRM system aids in delivering clear instructions on how customers can prepare for snow removal services. Whether it’s guidance on moving vehicles or specific preparations for efficient service, providing clear and concise instructions minimizes uncertainties and ensures a smooth customer experience.

Flexibility and Accommodation:

Customer-centric businesses thrive on flexibility. Arborgold’s CRM capabilities enable your team to be flexible and accommodating to customer requests whenever possible. This adaptability is crucial in addressing unique customer needs and preferences, establishing your business as one that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Arborgold’s customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities can help you organize customer information, track interactions, and maintain a high level of responsiveness, fostering trust and loyalty among your customers. Take a product tour to learn more.
CRM for Snow Removal Companies

7. Embrace Technology

Here’s how leveraging technology, particularly Arborgold’s innovative software solutions, can revolutionize and elevate various facets of your snow removal operations.

Centralized Management:

Arborgold’s software acts as the nerve center for your snow removal business, offering a centralized platform to manage and oversee every aspect of your operations. From scheduling and dispatching to billing and reporting, this comprehensive solution streamlines your workflow, reducing the complexity of managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Organize Workload and Track Assignments:

With Arborgold’s scheduling features, you can effortlessly organize your workload and efficiently assign tasks to your team. The intuitive interface allows for easy tracking of job assignments, ensuring that your team is deployed effectively and that every client’s needs are met in a timely manner.

Automated Reminders:

Never miss a beat with automated reminders for upcoming snowfalls. Arborgold’s software empowers you to set up automated alerts, ensuring that your team is well-prepared for impending weather challenges. This proactive approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to higher customer satisfaction through timely and reliable service.
Automated reminders

Real-time Tracking for Customers:

Arborgold’s software takes customer transparency to the next level by providing real-time tracking of snow removal services. Customers can stay informed about the progress of their service, creating a sense of trust and satisfaction. Real-time tracking also allows for immediate adjustments to service plans, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.

Online Payments and Billing Management:

The convenience of online payments is a game-changer for both businesses and customers. Arborgold facilitates seamless online payment processing, making it easy for customers to settle invoices promptly. Additionally, the software’s billing management features ensure accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions, reducing administrative burdens.

GPS Tracking for Route Optimization:

Efficiency is key in snow plow operations, and Arborgold’s software leverages GPS tracking to optimize routes and minimize travel time to snow removal jobs. This not only reduces fuel costs but also ensures that your team reaches clients promptly, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.Check out Arborgold’s time tracking software.

8. Review and Adjust Pricing Regularly

As your business grows and the market evolves, it’s essential to periodically review and adjust your pricing structure. Stay informed about changes in fuel costs, equipment maintenance fees, and industry trends so you know you have the most accurate snow removal pricing.

Periodic Review of Pricing Structure:

Periodic reviews of your pricing structure are akin to a compass guiding your business through the shifting terrain of the market. Arborgold’s data-driven tools enable you to conduct comprehensive assessments of your pricing performance at regular intervals. By doing so, you can identify areas of strength, pinpoint potential shortcomings, and ensure that your pricing aligns with both your business goals and market demands.

Analyzing Pricing Performance:

Arborgold’s data-driven insights delve into the granular details of your pricing performance. Through thorough analysis, you can gauge the effectiveness of your current pricing strategy. Whether it’s understanding the profitability of specific services or identifying patterns in customer behavior, these insights empower you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your pricing structure for both competitiveness and profitability.

Identifying Areas for Improvement:

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of successful businesses. Arborgold’s reporting tools highlight areas where your pricing strategy can be refined. Whether it’s adjusting rates for specific services, tailoring pricing plans for different customer segments, or addressing potential cost inefficiencies, these tools offer a roadmap for enhancing your overall pricing model.

Informed Decision-Making for Rate Adjustments:

Armed with data-driven insights, your business is better equipped to make informed decisions about adjusting rates. Whether it’s fine-tuning prices based on market trends or responding to changes in operational costs, Arborgold’s tools provide the clarity needed to implement rate adjustments.

Arborgold’s data-driven insights and reporting tools can help you analyze your pricing performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about adjusting your rates.

Take a product tour to learn more.
Increase profit and reduce costs

9. Consider Customer Demographics

Tailor your pricing strategy to your target customer base. Consider factors such as:

Distinguishing Between Residential and Commercial Properties:

Residential snow removal and commercial snow removal jobs have distinct needs and budget considerations. Arborgold’s software allows you to create customized pricing plans for each category. For residential clients, you might offer straightforward packages tailored to driveway sizes, while commercial properties may benefit from volume-based pricing. 

Size and Type of Property Considerations:

The size and type of property play a pivotal role in determining the effort and resources required for snow removal. Whether it’s a compact residential driveway or a commercial complex, your pricing can be fine-tuned to reflect the intricacies of each job, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Location and Snowfall Intensity Adjustments:

Geographical variations and snowfall intensity are key considerations in your pricing strategy. With Arborgold, you can incorporate location-specific factors into your pricing model. Higher snowfall areas may warrant adjusted pricing to account for increased effort and resources required. This flexibility allows you to cater to diverse locations while maintaining a fair and competitive pricing structure.

Recognizing Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business:

Valuing customer loyalty is paramount in the snow removal industry. Arborgold’s software keeps a detailed record of customer interactions, allowing you to identify loyal clients and implement loyalty-based pricing incentives. Consider offering discounts, exclusive packages, or priority scheduling for repeat business. 

Customer Demographics Insights:

Arborgold’s software provides valuable insights into customer demographics, allowing you to refine your pricing strategy based on data-driven decision-making. Analyzing customer preferences, behaviors, and feedback enables you to fine-tune your pricing plans continually. This adaptability positions your business to stay ahead of market trends and evolving customer expectations.

Understanding your customer demographics enables you to set prices that align with their needs and expectations.


10. Offer Payment Plans and Financing Options

Make snow removal services more affordable for customers by offering payment plans or financing options for snow removal services. This not only attracts new customers but also increases overall customer satisfaction. Providing flexible payment options demonstrates a customer-centric approach, fostering positive relationships.
GPS tracking and routing

11. Customizable Service Packages

Offer customizable service packages to cater to varying customer needs. Some clients may require more frequent visits during heavy snowfall, while others may prefer a one-time service. Providing flexible packages allows you to accommodate diverse customer preferences, adding another layer of value to your pricing structure.


12. Transparent Pricing Models

Clearly define your pricing models, breaking down costs for customers to understand how their payments contribute to various aspects of the service. This transparency not only builds trust but also allows customers to see the value in your pricing structure. Arborgold’s invoicing and pricing features can assist in creating transparent and easy-to-understand breakdowns for your clients.

13. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Arborgold’s suite of features is tailored to enhance every aspect of customer interaction, ensuring that your snow removal business stands out from the crowd.

Responsiveness to Customer Inquiries:

Arborgold’s customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities serve as the backbone of your customer communication strategy. The CRM system keeps track of interactions, enabling your team to provide swift and informed responses, ultimately fostering a positive customer experience.

Proactive Communication Updates:

Communication is key, especially when it comes to weather-dependent services like snow removal. Arborgold’s software enables you to be proactive in communicating updates to your customers. Whether it’s impending snowfall, changes in service schedules, or any relevant information, the software facilitates automated notifications through email, text messages, or a customer portal. This level of transparency builds trust and keeps your customers well-informed.

Prompt and Professional Handling of Complaints:

No business is immune to occasional challenges or complaints. Arborgold’s CRM features extend to managing customer complaints promptly and professionally. The software helps you track and resolve issues systematically, ensuring that customer concerns are addressed efficiently. 

Going the Extra Mile to Exceed Expectations:

Arborgold’s software supports your efforts to go above and beyond customer expectations. By maintaining a comprehensive database of customer preferences, service history, and feedback, you can tailor your services to meet individual needs.
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Remember, setting fair snow plow prices is not just about generating revenue; it’s about building lasting relationships with your customers.

By understanding the needs of your clientele, delivering transparent pricing, and consistently providing exceptional service, you cultivate a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy snow removal provider.

Arborgold’s software solutions, coupled with industry expertise, empower you to navigate the challenges of the snow season with unwavering confidence, ensuring both customer satisfaction and substantial business growth. Integrating solutions like Arborgold not only streamlines intricate cost management tasks but also strategically positions your snow plow business for sustained efficiency, heightened profitability, and enduring success in the competitive market.

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