How to Integrate Email Marketing Into Your Pest Control Business

Pest Control Email Marketing
Pest Control Email Marketing

Email marketing is a significant aspect to focus on when growing a pest control business. It can generate future sales, create leads to new customers, and get the word out there that your business even exists. Using efficiently and carefully timed emails throughout a sale transaction can increase the closing chances of that sale by up to 81%.  New customers aren’t the only ones that generate revenue for a company. With email marketing, it will let existing customers know that you are still focused on them and their needs.

Email Marketing for Pest Control

The marketing methods that pest control businesses have utilized over the years has changed. With the rise of the internet, email marketing has increased in speed because it gives companies a simple and effective way to reach out to potential customers. With the effortless click of a button, information can be provided to customers that will get them one step closer in choosing you for their pest control issues. The return on investment of email marketing is fairly high at around $44 for every $1 spent. This is a 4400% return on investment.

One of the key aspects of email marketing is growing and maintaining a subscriber list. This list consists of the individuals who want to know more about the services that you provide as a company. Having a growing subscriber list is something that will pay off in the future because many people on that list are leads. Building a reliable subscriber list can take some time and effort.

There are companies that purchase a subscriber list that gives them a list of individuals that they can email. While this might seem appealing on the outside, it’s not as good as it appears. A purchased list includes people that have never even heard of your pest control business or require pest control services. If you want to efficiently build your email subscriber list, then you can have email sign-up forms right on your website or social media account. If someone that is interested sees the sign-up form, they can simply input their email and they will be added to the list.

Divide Your Audience

There is typically going to be a large variety of subscribers on your email marketing list. Every single one of those people on the list has signed up for a different reason. Because of that, the information you send out to people on the list will have to cater to each person and their needs. If you send the same general email to every single person on the subscriber list, most of them will swiftly click unsubscribe and won’t want to hear from you anymore. Frequent emails that aren’t relatable to people can create a nuisance in their day and they will only feel that it wastes their time.

This is where segmenting your subscriber audience comes in handy. By gathering specific demographics and interests from individuals, you can learn to only send them emails that will appeal to their desires. Only information that is applicable to them will end up landing in their inbox and they won’t get as frustrated with the information they don’t need. As a result, interest in your pest control business and your activities will remain constant.

Email Marketing Software

If your email marketing campaign has gotten to the point where it is starting to become difficult to remain organized, then sometimes a program might help you. With email marketing programs, they allow you to compose many emails in a single place and then send them off to your segmented audience. You can see a detailed indicator of all of the emails that were sent out, along with who has received and opened them. Another added bonus is that you will be able to view who clicked on your links and decided to make a purchase. Arborgold offers great email marketing automation that can really expand on your investment as a company.

Trial & Error

If some of your emails aren’t working as good as you have expected them to, then sometimes all it takes is good old-fashioned trial and error. With so many emails being sent out to people about your pest control company and what type of services that you offer, there’s going to be some emails that simply don’t do as well as others. Keeping track of what emails perform well and what ones don’t will help guide you on what works and what doesn’t for the future.

Sometimes, you will send out an email that you think will do well and it ends up doing nothing. One or two bad emails doesn’t mean that people will unsubscribe. It might mean that they will just not take initiative or action on the email. Always trying new methods of gaining the interest of people who have subscribed to your mailing list is important. A couple of different things you can try are using more appealing headings, including relevant and catchy images, and changing up the subject lines. Sending out sales types of emails with deadlines on when a sale is ending will help keep interested people on their toes.

Referral Programs & Newsletters

Setting up a referral program is another way to expand your emailing marketing campaign. If you send out a mass email that includes a discount if they refer others to your company, then it makes this method valuable for old customers and new ones as well. While not every email sent out needs to be loaded with discounts and benefits, having useful and relevant information goes a long way. Reminding people of the types of seasonal pests and when treatment should be scheduled might be enough for someone to pick up the phone.

An effective email marketing campaign is something that is highly recommended to invest time and effort into. The exponential growth that a pest control business could experience throughout email marketing done accurately is why some companies can expand to such heights.

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