How Service Scheduling Software For Lawn, Landscaping & Tree Care Business Improves Customer Service

You might be wondering how using a service scheduling software could improve your customer service?  It’s important that your customers receive the service they requested on time.  Your reputation depends on it.  Service scheduling software will not only help you schedule work on time but can also help improve your customer service in the following ways. 

Automated Job Scheduling

In the lawn, tree and landscape business, multiple visits to the customers property is not a one and done. It usually requires several visits that need to be timed and coordinated with a previous service. Servicing customers on time, reduces customer calls to the office wondering if you've forgotten about their job. 

That’s were a service scheduling software with automated scheduling rocks!

With automated scheduling features you can set services to auto schedule based on predetermined criteria.

For example;

A lawn care business can set lawn care application #2 to auto schedule in 6 weeks after treatment #1 is complete.

A tree care business can set the schedule to auto schedule stump grinding after the tree’s removed.

And a landscape business can auto schedule installations after bed preparations are complete.

Having your service scheduling software automatically schedule the next service date means your providing customers timely visits that are consistent with expectations. 

Service Notifications

Communication and managing customer expectations are important in providing good customer service.  Weeks go by fast in the  service industry, new customers come on board and pretty soon your work backlog gets out of control.  You need a fast and easy way to communicate with each of your clients when their work is scheduled.

Service scheduling software gives you the ability to quickly communicate with your customers and notify them of their upcoming service.

Notification features include the ability to send clients notifications by SMS or email in a batch process so that you don’t have to manually send each one.

Lawn care companies especially like the notification feature to alert customers of upcoming lawn care applications. Tree care companies use it for notification of upcoming plant health care treatments.

Don't forget that you can also use batch notifications to let clients know if your running behind on work too. For example a landscape company could send a SMS or email to all the clients that they are running 2 weeks behind schedule due to bad weather.

Customer Access

Giving your customers 24/7 access to their account information is important in customer relationship management.  The best feature of any service scheduling software is giving customers access to their account.  

With a customer portal your customers don’t have to call the office to pay a bill, look up an invoice, approve a quote, or call to see when their job is scheduled.  

Customers can also put in request for additional work, or questions on existing jobs through the portal. This cuts down on service calls to the office and frees up staff time to focus on higher priority tasks. This makes both your customers and your staff happy. 

Is service scheduling software right for your business?

If you’re in the tree, lawn or landscape business having a scheduling software will improve your customer service by helping you schedule work in a timely manner.  

The larger your company grows the more customers you’ll have to make sure jobs are scheduled on time so that customers aren’t frustrated.  Automated scheduling features will take the guesswork out of who needs scheduled next.

Notifying customers of upcoming services and giving them access to a customer portal are key features in service scheduling software, and raise your level of customer service.

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