Charge Higher Rates for being a Landscape Professional!

Charge Higher Rates as a Landscape Professional.

Charge higher rates as landscape professionalDo you think you're ready to charge higher rates as a landscape professional? Aka - would your landscape services warrant a higher price?  Are you sabotaging your professional image unintentionally?   Perhaps you feel as though conceding to your client’s demands and putting in more blood, sweat and tears is the only way to do business.

Recently the Ohio Landscape Association held a meeting that featured William Ripley speaking about how to ‘Leverage your Professionalism’.  Bill had the complete attention of everyone in attendance, representing all facets of the landscape industry.

His biggest take-home message was:  “Do your clients see you as a professional, or are you sabotaging your company’s professional image?

Bill gave a well-rounded presentation on how to leverage your professionalism.  You are in charge of putting that level at a point to raise rates. It’s important that you set a process rather than fall into the trap of client demands.

Here are his key points:

Your company must be quality driven NOT commodity driven

  • Do not prescribe before you diagnose
  • Focus on what is right for the property

Note:  Do not resort to the lowest cost product without first evaluating the property and learning fully about your customer’s needs.  Keep an open mind so you can creatively determine the best solution for both the style of the home and the client’s lifestyle.

Let's keep going. When you want to charge higher rates as landscape professional:

Pro Tip: Show them the value of your services 

  • Budgets are more flexible than what clients convey
  • Focus on solutions and offer choices
  • Ask ‘Why’ when they request a specific design theme, color or design element. Relate it back to emotion.
  • Offer unique services such as design presentations using visuals that communicate and tell a story rather than traditional overhead landscape plans.  Landscape design software is an easy way to produce stunning visuals that excite and exceed your client’s expectations.

Note: Your client may not be aware of the actual cost of landscape materials nor may they truly know what they want.  It’s not unusual to educate your client through the design process.  Share with them choices; offer a number of solutions, present different materials and your shared professional opinion.  Keep in mind that they are talking to you because they need help and guidance!

Pro Tip: A fair price for a fair service is an equitable exchange

  • When you pay for something there is more appreciation it.  Clients will have more appreciation for your service when you charge.
  • If you don’t charge for your design, you won’t have a business.
  • Charge a fee for the landscape design –at a rate that values your service to your clients. Need a landscape tool? Grab ours for free here.

Note: Not only are you establishing your company as professional, but you are also raising the bar for the Professional Landscape Industry.