7 Ways To Maximize Productivity With Lawn Care Business Software

lawn care business software maximize productivity
lawn care business software maximize productivity

The lawn care and landscaping industry is unique in form and service. No two businesses are alike, but lawn care is unique in that employees work from the field, rather than an office space. This business model calls for bespoke software tailored to the needs of each individual business.

At Arborgold, we specialize in lawn care, landscaping, tree care, and pest control businesses, providing support and tools for your staff in the fields, and your team in the office. Our landscape software is designed for a multitude of specialized tasks with the goal of helping you earn more and spend less.

As a leader in the landscaping industry, we strive to provide our clients with all the latest information and updates in the field. Here, we have compiled a list of 7 ways you can optimize productivity in your lawn care business using designated software.

1. A Closer Focus on Traffic

Getting to and from a job site is time-consuming and costly, especially if your staff is not using a designated GPS route. One of the ways lawncare software helps your field team is by allowing you to create and assign mapping routes to worksites. Not only can you select the best path for your employee to take to a job, but you can see them in real-time as they travel. This helps you avoid traffic congestion, construction blockades, and longer than necessary drive times, saving time and money in the process.

2. Real-Time Communication for All

Mobile phones text and e-mail, but without a designated platform to communicate, your management team winds up checking messages from 10 different sites before they find the information they need. Lawncare software provides access to real-time communication tools, not just to send an employee a message, but to check-in and check-out of job sites as they go. This interactive tool helps you track equipment use, employee location, and even time spent on each worksite, while simultaneously keeping in touch 24/7.

3. Scheduling the Right Staff

While there are still some tasks better left to manual input, automation has made it easier than ever for companies to schedule employees. At Arborgold, our lawn care software is seamlessly integrated so each tool works together to give you the information you need. In the case of scheduling, your software will draw data from various points, such as client services, employee availability, and more. By bringing this information into one screen, the software can automatically assign your employees to worksites based on their location, the job size, and the available team members. On the manual end of things, you can still change this information around as needed.  

4. Take Inventory of Equipment and Supplies

As a landscaper and lawn care expert you have more than a team of employees to manage, you also have tools, large equipment, and products to handle. Knowing where things are, what you need more of, and how much fuel is required helps keep your business fast and efficient.

There is nothing worse than realizing you have a large job to do and none of the equipment you need is available. Lawncare software provides customized inventory support, which also links to your schedule and interactive map. This helps you see which jobs are coming up, which supplies are required, and the employees who are certified to use that equipment.

You can also monitor equipment in the field, having employees check-in when they are finished with something so another employee can pick it up for the next job.

5. Assign Tasks from the Sidelines

One of the hardest parts of managing a field team is being stuck in the office while your crews are at multiple locations across the city. Having a communal software program installed allows you not only to check in with team members throughout the day but also assign roles and responsibilities as the day unfolds. As you watch one task be confirmed as completed, you can assign the next.

6. Create and Share Checklists and Documents

Maintaining a team of mobile employees means working as a team. Having access to a database of important documents, checklists, and other materials helps your team perform their best on every job. This also helps you ensure that all documentation is filled and filed properly for each shift.

Checklists help your team understand what is expected of them and the order to complete a job. Using lawncare software you can create custom checklists based on individual job sites and employee training.

7. Measure, Calculate, and More

It takes time and manpower to create authentic estimates for a new client. Fortunately, using lawn care software you can calculate square footage of the lawn you are working on, tool cost, and material availability with the use of our built-in measuring tool. This tool works as a lawn care specialistā€™s companion, helping you approximate while on the job, or before it begins.

This tool is especially helpful for architects and contractors who are planning on large landscaping features or structures. Rather than spending the entire day measuring and planning, you can make realistic approximations to get things started and create meaningful quotes for your customers.

Contact Arborgold for More

Arborgold is always watching the horizon for changes and updates in the lawncare service industry. Our software is a perfect reflection of this commitment, as we are constantly adding new features and updates to better support our clients. The sustainability of the tree and lawn care industry is crucial to the survival of our planet and the economy of our country.

Interested in learning more about lawn care software and how it could help your company reach the top? At Arborgold we are always eager to hear from new and returning clients and love sharing tools and training on the best practices for our software. If you are new to the lawn care software concept, we would love for you to take our online tour.

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