What Features Are Included in Today’s Best Landscape Invoicing Software?

Landscape Invoicing Software Features
Landscape Invoicing Software Features

The landscaping industry rakes in more than $100-billion-dollars across the United States and is a continuously growing business structure. Therefore, the software being used by landscaping professionals is constantly evolving to fit the latest needs of the industry. Arborgold prides itself on offering our clients some of the best landscape invoicing software available.

Working closely with landscaping businesses like yours we have designed our software platform around specific needs within this business model, rather than offering generic business software for any company. Here, we will discuss some of the features of landscape invoicing software and why it is important to choose software designed for your business type.

Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks is a staple in any business accounting procedure. To find the best landscape CRM software, consider looking for one which provides access to Quickbooks. Quickbooks helps landscaping teams manage outgoing funds, customer payments, and data collection for tax purposes.

By choosing CRM software for landscaping which already features Quickbooks, you save time and money searching for add-ons to your current software. It also minimizes the number of tabs and programs you need to run regularly to manage your business. With everything you need in one easy to use space, you spend more time managing your brand and less time flipping between tabs trying to find the accounting information you need.

24/7 Accessible Client Portals

Landscape maintenance software is an ongoing need for the companies which use it. Therefore, having access 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection is a major benefit. The best landscape invoicing software puts you in charge, providing you with the tools and support you need when you need it most.

Whether you are in a home office at a laptop, at work on a desktop computer, or in transit on a mobile device, you can access your account to manage invoices, employee schedules, inventory support, and more.

Cash Flow Projections and Accounts Receivable

It is important in landscaping to know not only how your business is doing now, but where it is heading in the future. Cash flow projections offered by CRM software for landscaping lets you estimate where your business will be at the end of the year, and alter your current practices, advertising, and price points to ensure you are profitable and successful.

From your landscape maintenance software, you can also access accounts receivable, monitoring the influx of customer payments. Whether you have an accounting team or manage customer invoices personally, the accounts receivable tool helps you guarantee you are being paid for your products and services which in turn provides a more realistic estimate through future cash flow projections.

Project Tracking for Prepaid Services

For clients with deposits or prepaid services, it is crucial that you regulate the projects as they are underway. The best landscape CRM software should give you access to all your prepaid and deposit-cased clients, letting you monitor the work being done.

Project tracking coincides with other tools in your CRM software, such as real-time team chat. Being in constant communication with your team is another way you can monitor the projects which are prepaid to verify they are on time, and that your team is doing what they are supposed to be doing to get the job done well.

Payments by Service Type

Today’s best landscape CRM software needs to offer more than the basics. Landscaping is a very unique industry and requires software that has been designed to meet those individual needs. One of the ways Arborgold software strives for this is through our payment by service type feature. This not only allows you to take on clients of varying service level but designate costs and payments by service type.

Many landscaping companies provide multiple services to the same customer. Some services recur weekly, others monthly, and some services are a one-time service. Every service falls into its own category requiring the use of different tools, products, and even training. For example, a job which needs a staff member to drive an excavator may require that employee to be certified to operate the equipment needed. This means you are choosing from a smaller pool of employees and using equipment and fuel you would not use on a simple hedge trimming or lawn mowing service job.

Automated Communication and Follow-Up

As your landscaping company grows you will find yourself juggling communication between hundreds or thousands of local clients. This gets confusing, especially when modern marketing has made digital communication methods such an integral part of the landscaping industry. Fortunately, the best landscape CRM software is equipped with customizable templates for automated messaging for every occasion.

Whether you are reaching out to new contacts in the hopes of developing a working relationship, you are sending exclusive offers for customer retention, or you are following-up on a bid, your CRM has the tools you need to manage all communication without all the confusion.

Use your automation tools to design e-mail templates for different aspects of your landscaping business. Customize your e-mails for individual client and service types. These e-mails are then scheduled to be sent out at different times as needed, without you being required to log in, type, proof-read, and send every correspondence that leaves your office.

Another automated feature included in modern landscaping software is automated billing. Based on your client, service type, tools used, time frames, and more, you can send recurring and one-time bills to clients without the muss and fuss of manual data collection.

Contact Arborgold for More Information

If you are looking for the best landscape invoicing software, we invite you to contact us at Arborgold. Working within the landscaping industry so long, we have developed our software to meet the unique needs of your business. With multiple tools and features to help you monitor employees, schedule projects, manage finances, and more.

Want to know more about Arborgold’s landscaping CRM software? Take a tour today.

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