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Top 5 Fall Lawn Care Tips For 2018

We've got some fall lawn care tips you can use this year in communicating to your clients.  Prepping landscaping and lawns for the fall months is something that is relevant for both commercial and residential customers. There’s lots of work to be done! Grass will need to be cut to the right height, fall fertilizers will need to be placed, lawns need the right watering and soil care, and preparation needs to be done for the cold temperatures winter brings.

Here are a few fall lawn care tips, combined with using Arborgold software to manage fall landscaping:

1. Fall Fertilizers and Seeds

Grass roots need care in order to make it through the winter, and the right fertilizers will help ensure that grass can make it until spring. A late-fall application of slow release fall fertilizers will make a world of difference to any lawn, providing grass with the right sugars, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

You will also need seeding done prior to the cold months, as the seeds need direct contact with the soil, and need to keep moist until they germinate, while also having enough time to take before it gets cold. It’s a big task, which is why it’s best to hire lawn care professionals. Both fertilizing and seeding your lawn prior to winter is one of the essential lawn care tips not to be skipped.

Arborgold allows you to make customer lists for your sales team to reach out to customers via email or calls to sell fall lawn care maintenance services. You can promote offers for fertilizing or seeding, or create custom packages to sell to new and existing customers and use Arborgold to manage your sales funnel.

2. Loosen the Soil

Soil that becomes too compact and covered with stems, debris, and weeds becomes unhealthy since good nutrients, water, and oxygen can’t get into the soil and therefore the grass roots. Aeration allows for the soil to get everything it needs to thrive. Basically, aeration puts holes all through the soil, allowing it to breath. Depending on your lawn or property, this can be a big task, which is why many people hire lawn care professionals to do the job for them.

You can schedule aeration services with Arborgold software to allow your employees know when they need to be done, as well as manage your inventory to ensure you have enough resources to get the jobs done for your customers.

3. Mow the Lawn to the Right Height

Grass still grows as it gets colder. Mowing is still just as important in the colder months as it is in the summer months, and while you won’t need to mow it as often, you need to ensure it’s mowed at the right height. As it gets colder, slowly lower your mower height each time you give your grass a mow. Eventually, you want to end with your grass length being about 1 ½ inch high.

4. Remove the Leaves

The last thing you will want for a healthy lawn is leaving those leaves on the property to rot and block airflow to the soil all winter. Leaf removal can be a burden for home owners and commercial properties alike. Luckily, you can hire the pros to come in and rake the leaves, or simply pop by and remove the bags of leaves from your property.

Leaf removal is one of the most common lawn care tips that customers will rely on professionals for. With Arborgold software, lawn care business owners can use features such as smart routing, visual mapping, and recurring service scheduling, GPS crew tracking, and time tracking to ensure their team is efficiently getting to every leaf removal customer.

Create Proposals to Help Customers With Fall Maintenance

As the weather gets colder and drearier, customers will be turning to lawn care and landscaping businesses to help them with their lawn care needs. You can use Arborgold software to meet these needs, but you can also use the software to create proposals to sell fall services.

The Dynamic Proposal feature allows your team to quickly make visual proposals in the field, with email ready PDFs that link back to your digital brochure. There is so much to be done in terms of fall maintenance, and you will want to be ahead of your competition when it comes to pitching and giving proposals to potential new customers and upsell opportunities. Dynamic Proposals enables you to do just that.

Check our Dynamic Proposals today.

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