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Price Lawn Care

Simplify landscape pricing for faster, more effective proposals

Pricing landscape jobs is one of the most important parts of your business.

Arborgold simplifies the landscaping job pricing process with an easy-to-use quote builder. pricing tool, and creating beautiful, accurate quotes for your clients.


Arborgold Landscape Job Pricing Tool

Arborgold landscape management software is an all-inclusive tool for landscape business owners. The Arborgold landscape job pricing tool helps you price a landscape job, easily create an illustration of the project, and turn the quote into a professional bid and a work order.

  • Take accurate land measurements with just a few simple clicks
  • Choose materials and calculate costs automatically
  • Translate pricing into a professional, beautiful job proposal
  • Quickly & easily transform approves bids into work orders

Learn more about Arborgold software’s landscape job pricing tools by taking an online virtual tour today!


Arborgold Landscape Job Pricing Features

Arborgold is a landscape management software designed specifically for the green industry. In the landscaping job pricing tool, you’ll find all the features to simplify the bidding process while producing attractive, professional proposals.

Land Measurement Tool

Measure the square footage of a property without walking lines, rolling tape, or pulling out tape measures. Arborgold’s land measurement tool interacts with online mapping tools to provide a quick and accurate estimate of square footage. Simply:

  1. Enter the property address
  2. Highlight the service area from the overhead satellite map view
  3. Exclude non-service areas such as driveways
  4. Arborgold automatically calculates square footage area

Materials Costs

Landscaping Material Costs

Forget spreadsheets and calculators. Arborgold makes it easy for you to calculate the costs of materials for a project. Arborgold stores a database of your inventory and costs. Simply enter quantities needed for the job and Arborgold will make the final calculations for you.

Pre-Packaged Services

Do you offer a similar landscaping package to multiple clients? Make pricing easier by created pre-programmed packages. This will group together services with standardized pricing so you can fill your estimate sheet with just a few clicks. Change or customize pricing for a specific customer with just a click.

Professional, Beautiful, Realistic Illustrations

One of the most important parts of a landscaping bid is the drawing. While some landscaping estimators can paint a picture with their words, it is a much better experience for the client—and crew—when there is a scale drawing of what to expect. The Arborgold landscape design tool is easy to use and generates a beautiful, colorful representation of the project. Benefits of this tool include:

  • Auto-populates materials based on what you place in the landscape
  • Auto-calculates landscaping job costs based on what you place in the landscape and the labor required
  • Generate a beautiful and realistic representation of the final product
  • Establish professionalism with your customers who will be impressed with the presentation
  • Improve the bidding and approval process
  • More easily communicate landscape design to the crew

Auto-Populate Work Orders

No double-entry required. After your landscaping job pricing is drawn up and approved, Arborgold will automatically populate the information into a work order. This includes project details (including drawings, photos, project notes, etc.), materials and quantities, and location information.

Professional Landscaping Bid Layouts

We want to help you look your best. Arborgold has professional landscape bid layouts that can be customized with your company logo and information. Add client reviews, photos, and more for an impressive landscaping bid. Choose from:

  • A letter from the CEO
  • An overview of work to be performed
  • Information about the company (this is a good spot to sell yourself! Why should they choose your company?
  • CAD drawing
  • Photos
  • Customer reviews
  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Detailed landscaping bid
  • And more

Get Started: Arborgold Landscape Job Pricing Tool

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