Job Costing for Lawn Care, Tree Care, & Landscaping Companies

Lawn Care Job Costing

Job costing in the lawn care, tree care, and landscaping industry can be complicated. However, it’s also an important part of your business! Job costing ensures your projects are profitable, that your teams are working efficiently, and your sales reps are bidding accurately.

Job Costing by Arborgold

Arborgold simplifies the job costing process. With Arborgold’s all-inclusive business management software, all the information you need for job costing is already being tracked!

In Arborgold, your inventory managing tool calculates actual costs and markups, your scheduling managing tool tracks employee costs, and your mobile crew tracker tracks actual time on site. That means all you have to do is run business as usual and Arborgold will generate the job costing report for you!

How Job Costing with Arborgold Works:

  1. Input your resource costs. If you’re currently using Arborgold, then you’ve probably already input this information! Arborgold keeps track of your employee costs as well as inventory costs, equipment costs, and more.
  2. Add the project bid. When you bid a project, Arborgold automatically calculates the price based on the inventory and crew you add to the job. This information will be recorded in your job costing reports as well.
  3. Track Your Crew’s Progress. By using the Arborgold Mobile Crew app, your crew can easily punch in and out of a job site. This information is automatically logged into the job costing report to track crew productivity and compare estimated project time to actual time.
  4. Pull the reports! Simply pull the job costing reports in your have access to automatic reports that compare bids to the actual time it took to complete a project.

Which Job Costing Reports does Arborgold Offer?

Job Costing Reports

Arborgold produces detailed job costing reports to determine the efficiency of your crews and the accuracy of your estimators.

In this job costing reports, you’ll find be able to compare:

  • Estimated job time with actual job time
  • Equipment and inventory costs
  • Employee costs
  • Return per hour
  • Recommendations (if any) for changes in future bids

Here are some of the job costing reports offered by Arborgold:

Hours Variance Report: How well are your sales reps bidding projects?

Arborgold software will help you compare variances in job costing between sales reps. This helps you see if a sales rep is accurately estimating time. This report also provides a price recommendation based on job costs to help inform adjustments in the future.

Crew Productivity Report: How productive are your crews?

Arborgold’s job costing software integrates with the Mobile Crew app to track when jobs start and stop. The Crew Productivity Report lists crews, total revenue, active work-time vs. off-site time, total productive time, and percentage of completion.

Job Costing: How profitable are your jobs?

Your profits are the bread and butter of your landscape, lawn care, tree care, or snow removal company. If you’re not turning a profit on your jobs, you’re not making money! Arborgold helps to provide accurate job costing metrics to determine your profitability. This report will take the bid price, the actual costs (employee time, equipment, materials), and calculate your profitability. In addition, it will compare estimated time to actual time to help determine if your estimators are bidding projects accurately.

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