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The landscaping industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and Arborgold is happy to be along for the ride. We are a landscaping software company with a strong focus on helping you meet customer expectations and increase ROI. One of the ways we do this is through our unique and landscape-focused CRM. Another is by providing you with the information and support to meet your goals and surpass the competition.

One of the mistakes many landscaping companies make, big or small, is thinking inside the residential box. Residential landscaping is a great source of revenue, and many landscaping companies make it on this idea alone. However, there is a huge market out there and when you begin developing channels and branching out, you will find you have much more to give than residential landscaping alone.

To give you a better idea of what you are missing out on, we have compiled a list of other revenue sources you should look into, including:


Forming partnerships with local businesses is a huge untapped resource in local landscaping. Consider the tools and skills you do not possess, but which could increase the value of a client’s property or add to the aesthetics and function. A prime example of a solid landscaping partnership is joining forces with a local swimming pool installation and maintenance company. If your landscaping business does not already focus on pools, this could help drum up new business.

When local companies partner from two separate industries or services, they are not losing customers, but rather sharing customers for a new purpose. This sharing of customers opens doors to a huge new marketplace of community members who may not already be using your services, but who will be looking for ways to increase the value of their property.

Property Management Companies

Upselling Your Existing Customers

From AirBnbs to full-time vacation homes, property management companies must have a strong focus on the aesthetics of the property in question. Fortunately for you, these companies do not specialize in landscaping or outdoor aesthetics. This means calling in a professional who can manage the upkeep outside of the property, while they manage the upkeep inside the property and market it to customers.

Working within the property management niche provides a great source of income many other landscaping firms may not think of. This work is also ongoing, as property companies can not let the properties become unkempt looking, even in the offseason.

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers are focused on buying, developing, and selling property. They have no interest in managing outdoor aesthetics or external functionality. However, due to their focus on selling, landscaping is important. Working with real estate developers gives you the opportunity for a lot of one-time, and big jobs which you would not normally do for a standard residential company. Many of these properties begin with no yard or landscaping at all. This leaves it up to you to develop a yard, garden, walkways, and any other features required.

Real estate development jobs are ongoing, but less focused on one specific property. Rather, you will find yourself working for the development company on multiple properties until that property is sold off, when your contract will likely end, and they will hire you for a different build.

House Flippers

Like realtors, house flippers are looking to make a property as nice as possible before they sell it to a new buyer. They are pinning all their hopes on their ability to make the property nicer than it was before they got it. This is where you come in to revitalize and renew the outdoor area.

There are professional house flippers who do nothing but buy and sell properties. This is a great niche to get involved in if you can find an opening.

Working within the Public Sector

In the public sector, you may be able to score contracts with the federal and municipal governments for landscaping opportunities. If so, this is a massive advantage and a steady stream of income. The government has multiple buildings to manage, including ones you do not consider, like the post office, DMV, and courthouses. All these properties need to be tended to.

There is also money in government where local events and government tended areas are involved. For example, the grassy areas along sidewalks, the flower gardens downtown, and any public areas like gardens, parks, and ponds which are managed by the government must be tended to regularly by a landscaping service.

Commercial Contract Opportunities

Landscape Invoicing Software Features

Homeowner associations, apartment complexes, and hotels are a great revenue stream to enter as a landscaper. If you can get involved with these commercial contracts, it not only supplies a steady income but promotes brand recognition within the community and among commercial properties.

Another commercial partner to consider is amusement and theme parks. Aquariums, zoos, safari parks, and other amusement parks all require constant care and upkeep. College and University campuses are also profitable investments.

Choosing the Right Software

As you begin branching out and partnering with new commercial and public properties across town, be sure to research the right field service software for your business. Not all software is the same, and many are not developed with field workers in mind. Arborgold focuses on the landscaping industry and partnering industries which work in the field. We tailor our software to meet these needs, including inventory control, real-time employee chat, scheduling, GPS field tracking, estimation and bidding, and customer service automation. We know better than most what it takes to be successful in the field, and strive to support our clients as they rise to meet new goals and achieve success.

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If you are a landscaping company looking to branch out and want to invest in software to optimize services and increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and ROI, we can help.

For more information on our software and what it can do for your landscaping company, we invite you to take a tour of Arborgold,

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