Arborgold Sits Down with the Tree Care Industry Association

TCIA Arborgold

How Tree Care Companies have been affected by Covid-19

TCIA Arborgold

Arborgold recently sat down with the team at the Tree Care Industry Association “TCIA” to speak frankly about Covid-19’s day-to-day impact on their green industry businesses, and recent developments as a result of the pandemic.

From social distancing employment practices to business continuity efforts and managing remote teams, green industry companies have had an advantage over more traditional “professional service” organizations.

When prompted about how Arborgold has pivoted its technology to support this “new normal”,

Donna Garner, Arborgold CMO replied:

“Over the past year, Arborgold introduced its Client Plant and Tree Inventory module, Project Management features and Supply Chain hub. As a result, many of Arborgold’s tree care, plant-health-care and landscaping client companies have started to adopt new production practices designed to capture and report on client plant inventory”.

But that’s not all Read the entire article here.

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