Software Comparison

Arborgold vs. Jobber

The best choice depends on your specific company needs and goals.

While both Arborgold Software and Jobber are popular tools for service businesses, there are key differences in feature sets and overall business management technology approach.


Rooted in Industry

As a green industry company, you may be looking for a solution specifically developed for your business type.

With in-depth features for tasks like tree inventory management, plant health tracking, and disease diagnosis, Arborgold is heavily favored by businesses focused on arboriculture, tree care, and lawn care services.

Jobber, on the other hand, provides a broader range of generic features for general service company tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and crew management.

Be the best estimator you can be

In the service business world, consistent, accurate estimating is a cornerstone to profitability.

Skilled salespeople don't just guess at costs; they build quotes with calculated labor hours, material needs, equipment requirements, and a healthy profit margin. Within Arborgold Software, estimators can generate their winning bids with time and material line items, measuring property square footage remotely, using the product’s Auto-Price calculator with logical inputs you create systemwide and more.

Jobber, on the other hand, has simple line item quoting features where guessing total costs and pricing is the name of the game.

Simple to complex scheduling

Both Jobber and Arborgold offer your teams a central calendar with everything in one place.

But Arborgold's scheduling tool stands out when you’re looking to consolidate and manage scheduling for multiple service types, using a variety of equipment, across multiple territories. Plus, it calculates travel distances, generates optimized routes, and even sends instant notifications to your crew.

This translates to efficient scheduling, reduced wasted time on the road, and happier customers who get their jobs done on time.

Jobber, on the other hand, manages schedules using an "individual job" mindset where services can only be assigned to one time block, at a time.

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The power of plant health history

A unique feature to Arborgold is your crews’ ability to generate a geo-located, centralized hub for every plant, tree, or other material asset on your customers’ properties.

Detailed information like location, species, health status, and maintenance history allows you to proactively search and propose add-on services for specific species or assets that require additional treatment, outside of their current maintenance or health program.

Jobber, on the other hand, does not offer a way to geolocate or record health history for your customers’ property inventory or assets.

Job costing on steroids

At Arborgold, we take Job Costing very SERIOUSLY.

In real-time, crews are updating jobs with final material usage, crew time tracking features update labor costs, and you’ve configured overhead into your equation. When you can track all your expenses related to every job, you know exactly how much money you made. What’s even more important is what you learn from that information over time, like finding ways to reduce costs, reset pricing for future jobs.

Jobber, on the other hand, offers very limited Job Costing capabilities that add up to only direct costs and margin.

Real-time inventory management

In the fast-paced world of green industry service, time and money matter

At Arborgold, when you include material within each estimate, the software will automatically report how much material is currently in stock, how much is needed to complete upcoming jobs, and alert you when it’s time to reorder.

Aging or out of date material in the warehouse is expensive and the cost of paying your crews to walk the shop daily or weekly to watch over supplies adds up quickly.

Jobber, on the other hand, does not offer its customers a way to capture or track material inventory levels in real-time.


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