The Best Tree Inventory Software for Tracking Your Trees and Clients

Tree Inventory Software

Tree inventory software is crucial for businesses in the tree care industry. If you’re not leveraging a software for tree inventory and client management, you are missing out on opportunities to manage your tree care business efficiently.

What is the key to successful inventory management? Robust and easy to use software that helps keep service records organized in an orderly fashion. In a couple of clicks, you can track and document all of your customer’s recurring tree orders and itemize necessary assets to meet that customer’s demand.

With Arborgold Software, you will have everything you need when taking care of your clients, letting your business run at peak performance. Before diving in, let’s take a moment to learn about the benefits of tree inventory management and why it’s important for your tree care business.

9 Benefits of Tree Inventory Management Software

1.     Efficient Resource Management: This particular software helps in managing resources more efficiently such as equipment, tools, and personnel. This ensures that the right resources are available when needed, reducing downtime and wasted expenses. Efficient management of resources and optimized maintenance schedules will contribute to an overall cost savings for your business.

2.     Accurate Record & Data Storage: Key features of the software allows for accurate recording and organization of information related to each tree, including species, health status, maintenance history, and location. This comprehensive record-keeping aids in informed decision-making and allows you and your team to effectively manage your customer’s needs.

3.     Optimized Maintenance Schedules: By having a detailed inventory, tree management software can help in creating and optimizing maintenance schedules. This ensures that each tree is cared for at the right time, promoting overall tree health. Optimized maintenance schedules also help when obstacles such as weather get in the way. Arborgold Software allows you to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to operations management, scheduling jobs, and job management.

4.     Risk Assessment & Mitigation: Tree inventory software can also assist in identifying potential risks associated with trees, such as diseases or structural issues. Risk assessment enables proactive measures to be taken to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.

5.     Compliance & Reporting: Tree care businesses must adhere to regulations and certifications. Tree inventory software can assist in compliance management, including access to historical reports and documentation required for regulatory purposes.

6.     Customer Communication: Some inventory software includes features for customer communication, such as a customer portal. This can help with sharing maintenance schedules, updates on tree health, and other relevant information, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Customers find this feature to be of value because it tracks communication and updates on the overall health of their tree inventory.

7.     Data Collection & Accessibility: Having a centralized database of your customer’s tree information allows for easy access to data from various devices and locations. Mobile use of the software promotes collaboration among team members and ensures everyone is working with up-to-date information and data.

With Arborgold Software, your data is stored and accessible wherever you are. A customer’s tree inventory management needs is a collaborative effort between the sales estimating team at the first site visit, to the mobile crew who visits each tree and provides health updates.

Customer data should also be used and accessible to the sales team, marketing team, and customer support staff. This ensures that all tree inventory data is used to build customer loyalty, increase revenue per customer, and provide additional testimonials and reviews for future sales.

8.     Mapping & Visualization: Many tree inventory software solutions offer interactive maps and visualization tools to manage trees, which are two key features of the software. This can be helpful in planning and monitoring tree inventories and managing multiple trees at once – especially for large-scale commercial projects with acres of tree inventory. The map feature also updates in real-time which allows for effective updates, reporting, and data collection.

9.  Environmental Impact Monitoring: For businesses with a focus on environmental services and sustainability, tree management software can assist in monitoring the environmental impact of tree care activities and making informed decisions to minimize negative effects. The environmental impact data and reporting can also be shared with landscaping companies and lawn care companies that work on your customers’ properties so that everyone has the same understanding around the environmental impact of the properties they maintain.

Arborist in a cherry picker performing tree maintenance.

5 Reasons to Choose Arborgold Software

1.   Access to the Right Information On-Demand

Leading tree care professionals are able to access real-time data for their customers at any time or location. The ability to access a customer’s treatment plan on-demand at your fingertips is essential – especially for long-term customers who have historical information that is needed to reference to treat a current challenge or work order. Having historical information for customers also helps when questions arise, so you and your crew are able to respond promptly and act quickly.

2.     Ability to Plan for Client Projects

Arborgold’s inventory management will also support your commercial and residential clients by helping them with organization, budgeting, and planning for new inventory. Your team will be able to create and manage work orders on-site to account for all aspects of customer projects.

3.     QR Code Mobile App

Arborgold’s QR Code Mobile App is one of the key features that helps track client inventory and allows your team to upload an unlimited number of photos of inventory and other assets. This feature will help your team stay visually informed on the state of different tree inventories.

With your tree crews in the field and away from the office most of the day, it can be challenging to receive updates on work orders, progress for the week, and reporting. Arborgold’s QR code activity enables you and your team to see the progress of any current project instantly. Your staff and on-site crew teams can use the app on their smartphone to:

  1. Scan paperwork from their on-site location and send it back to the office
  2. Start a work order timer to track job duration
  3. Review work order services in detail
  4. Mark all services complete in real-time

4.     Accuracy & Precise GPS Tracking

Arborgold Software’s Tree Inventory feature includes location-based services with accurate GPS locations that provide a detailed map of your clients’ assets. Our software makes your tree care jobs easier and more streamlined, especially with larger commercial properties that have multiple work orders.

5. Easy-to-Use Features & Functionality

Arborgold Software’s mobile use and user-friendly interface will help your team analyze data in real-time on project sites so they can make better decisions for their clients in order to meet their needs. Our software features will allow your team to work smarter, not harder when it comes to job management, equipment management, data entry, tree risk assessments, and data collection. Your team will have all the tools at their fingertips so they can accomplish tree care jobs efficiently and effectively. Arborgold Software also allows unlimited users and access to a cloud database all in one business account.

Arborgold's plant and tree inventory software.

How Arborgold’s Clients Monetize Their Tree Inventory Software

We help service businesses by giving them the tree management software and tools they need to run a successful company. Clients who work with Arborgold are increasing their customer revenues and developing new business partnerships by:

    • Generating bids for their services to dozens of their clients in just a few clicks. They bid on services such as pruning, clean up, and chemical treatments.
    • Using Arborgold’s CRM to connect with their customers on social media and display marketing campaigns. Arborgold’s CRM feature gives them the capability to search, filter, and retarget customers in a simple yet impactful way.
    • Contacting clients about possible tree or plant health issues such as leaning trees or replacing declining assets before the client reports them. Our system provides the necessary tools to be proactive.
    • Training mobile crews by letting them review their on-file inventory information before they go on-site. Our software allows tree crews to be more prepared and knowledgeable about the job and the client’s needs.

    Arborist in tree maintaining tree health.
    Your most valuable asset is your team – arm them with the best software and key features so they can complete tasks and accomplish their tree management jobs successfully. Arborgold has a software package to fit your business’ needs so you can have complete control over your tree care company, including access to business analytics, asset management, property management, and tree inventories.

    For over 30 years, Arborgold has been helping tree care companies streamline scheduling, speed up invoicing, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. In the ever-evolving landscape of tree care, leveraging technology is crucial for efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction. Arborgold Software leads the way in innovation, providing customized solutions designed specifically for arborists and tree care professionals.

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