Arborgold June 2021 Release | Tracking Payroll & Reporting


Arborgold’s next update includes extended features for time tracking, exporting payroll to Quickbooks, and so much more.

Time Tracking Updates 

  • Streamlined Activity Time Tracking for your crews on Job Clock in and Job Clock out, so they don’t have to manage time via the Time tab. 
  • Crew GPS Location Tracking to show employees’ travel routes
  • Ability to Deactivate, Delete, and Restore Time Tracks
  • Updated Permissions for Time Tracks and the Timesheet
  • Exporting Time Tracks to QuickBooks for Payroll generation
  • New Time Track Logging which captures detailed activity logs

Read detailed Time Tracking updates here

Plant Inventory Updates

  • Made significant improvements to load times and readability on the Plant Inventory map by using marker clustering.
  • Added a new individual Plant Service Status, which includes Pending, Skipped or Completed.
  • New Plant Service Product tracking feature which enables the crew to track the actual amount of product .e.g. inventory used per plant.
  • Significant all around improvements to Plant Inventory on Mobile Crew, which includes viewing and performing actions to serviced plants. 
  • Updated Mobile Crew to now include “Show me on Map” and “Lock Map” features 
  • New Plant Inventory Business Reports including Customer Job History report and Plant Inventory status report for scheduled or completed services 

Read detailed Plant Inventory updates here

Additional Enhancements 

  • Introduced a new Analytics menu tab to view all Arborgold analytics in one place
  • Added a service status called “Ready To Invoice” as an additional phase for completed services
  • Brand new Inventory Item types available within the Inventory listing
  • Multiple weather tracks can be recorded on both jobs and services
  • New default company setting to allow completed dates to be set on the scheduled or completed date

Detailed Release Notes

Access the entire release notes inside Arborgold’s support login area RELEASE NOTES

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