Landscaping App

Arborgold’s MobileCrew Landscaping App Features

Arborgold's MobileCrew landscaping app offers crews just what they need to manage their production work. Your crews need to track time for job costing, access to information regarding the scope of the work to be performed, and lastly, have the ability to add on additional work as needed.

Streamlining information between the office and field is KEY to a growing business.

Time Tracking for Productive Hours Versus Non Productive Hours

Earning a profit is vital to continuing your operations! If you don’t know how much time it takes a crew to complete a job compared to the estimated time, then you’re winging it.

The MobileCrew landscaping app gives your crews the ability to clock in and clock out at the job level or the service level. In other words you can track the time for all services combined (pruning and spraying), or each service independently.

Crews now have the ability stop the clock, take a lunch break and start the clock again. The cumulative time will all count towards the time on the service for the day.

In addition to crews being able to clock in and out on each job, they can track the non-productive time in between each job (downtime). Non productive time, or downtime rather, includes activities such as travel time, shop time, or lunch time, etc.

Arborgold reports give you the full percentage breakdown of an employee’s downtime compared to the productive time. This information is critical in managing production crews and ensuring every crew member in the field is producing revenue towards the bottom line.

Landscaping App Features: Drawings & Upload Pictures

Drawings, illustrations, and pictures help communicate the scope of work to be performed. This includes the location of the house, shrubs, plants and trees, etc. This not only helps you communicate effectively to your customer but also to the crews in the field.

Effective communication ensures that both the customer and you have a good experience on the job.    

With Arborgold’s MobileEstimator app, your sales team have multiple landscaping features in their arsenal to utilize for a job.

For example you can create drawings of the landscape project to print on proposals as well as include photos of the job. Crew leaders can view this information right from the MobileCrew landscaping app in the field!

This eliminates the confusion, questions, all of the calling back and forth between sales and production, and lastly but most importantly, time!

Add Additional Work Onsite

We LOVE it when customers add on work, but love it more when we REMEMBER to bill the additional work.

Arborgold MobileCrew Landscaping app features include the ability for crew leaders to add on services and price the work.

Crew leaders can also then track the time it takes to perform the service so you can job cost for additional services just like you do other assigned services.

With permission based services you can also enable the billing features on the landscaping mobile app. Crew leaders can mark the job complete and create an invoice on site to either email the client or print a copy to leave at the job site.

Don't want your crews billing customers? Not a problem. Office staff can batch invoice the completed jobs.

Either way, with the Arborgold Landscaping mobile app for crews, no job will be left un billed and/or additional work is forgotten! 

Learn more about Arborgold's MobileCrew landscaping app by viewing our online demo here!