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5 Must Have Features In A Landscape Software CAD Tool

Using a landscape software CAD tool is a good idea if you’re in the landscaping business.


Customers love having a visual of the landscape project and what it is going to look like after the work is completed. Landscape estimators that include a CAD drawing with the quote maximize their chances of winning bids.

In choosing a landscape software CAD tool the following are the four must have features.

Import Drawings and Images of the Landscape Design

Nobody likes to recreate site drawings if they are already available. There are times with a contractor gives you the site plans and all you need to do is add more images on to it.

That’s why...

The first must have feature of a landscape software CAD tool is the ability to import your own drawings or site map of a project. The drawings you can import will most likely in the format of a .jpg, .png or .gif.

After importing the drawing you may also want to add more images to the drawing from the landscape design software. 

Asset/Icon Library

The second must have feature in landscape design software is an extensive icon library.

Your landscape projects may vary from a waterfall, backyard patio, deck, or swimming pool.

Having an extensive icon library to pick from will save illustration time and create a better presentation on the quote.  

Free Hand Drawing Tool

Each landscape project you do is a one of a kind.

The layout of the house and yard is unique. That’s why an icon library that includes a free hand drawing tool is important. 

Landscape design software that gives you a free hand tool makes it easier to demonstrate unique shapes.

For example, to freehand draw a pond or a u-shaped bed.

Import Google Satellite View

More often than not, Google’s satellite view GETS it right!

Landscape design software that includes the ability to import Google’s satellite view can save time drawing house and property lines.

If you’re adding more plants to existing landscape the ability to add new images on to the satellite image is also important.

Landscape Software Editing Tools

It may seem like a simple feature, but the fifth must have feature in a landscape CAD design software editing  tools.

Editing tools will speed up the time it takes to create the landscape designs and layouts.  They can also help you put the finishing touches on your designs.

Editing tool features include:

  • Copy, Paste & Duplicate
  • Fill Object With a Color
  • Bring Forward & Send Back
  • Opacity Adjustment
  • Undo & Redo

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