Benefits to Green Industry Businesses that use Estimating Software

What Landscape Estimating Tools Can Do For Your Business

Technology can help businesses run more efficiently and also optimize the work they do, ultimately earning the business more revenue with less operating costs – and green industry businesses are no exception! Especially if you run a green industry business, technology can help your business grow.

Landscape estimating software is just one of the great tools many landscaping companies use to better run their company and grow their accounts and customer base. Using an estimating software can help you get the job done quicker, more professionally, and it allows you to better measure the output of your efforts.

Here are a few detailed ways landscape estimating software can better help your green industry business:

Use software to communicate real-time with your field team

With landscape estimating software, such as Arborgold, you can send and receive real-time messages to your sales team in the field. While they’re with a client, they can quickly message head office with any customer questions and get a prompt reply on the spot. This is crucial for impactful sales, as the moment a sales member pauses or can’t answer a question, the more risk there is that the sale won’t close.

Real-time messages allow you to be connected in a matter of seconds with your sales team, enabling them to do their job professionally and efficiently.

Build better estimates

Estimates may seem like table stakes for any landscaping business, but a good estimate can set you apart from your competitor. Chances are, a few small tweaks to your estimates combined with a few nice touches can win you that big commercial customer or massive project you’ve been competing for. Quality estimates should never be overlooked.

Landscape estimating software allows you to include land measurement, landscape design mock-ups, and property photos within your estimate. This way, the client can visualize the project you’ll do, see the thought you put into it, and get all of the information in one place. It’s an effective way to close new business, especially with commercial clients and big projects.

Gain data on your business

Since you will be plugging data into your landscape estimating software, which means you can run reports on many day-to-day business analytics such as staffing, operations, inventory, and also customer value. With Arborgold software, you can pull information by customer, by estimate to determine each customer value. This means that you can then make decisions on how much resourcing you should commit to the project, and sell other meaningful services to the client to build your accounts.

This information is important, because customer data will help you optimize your team’s time and also ensure you have the most impactful marketing and sales efforts helping you close and grow high-value accounts.

Better, faster pricing

By using a landscape estimating software, you can auto-price based on square footage, service type, location, material, and other indirect costs. This way, you can get pricing in seconds with a few clicks, right on the spot. This feature also means that you can price in a way that makes sense for your business, ensuring that you won’t be undervalued and you are getting the most revenue possible per job.

Why not try?

These are just a few ways your green industry business can benefit from landscape estimating software. At the end of the day, the sky is really the limit with what you can do with all of the features and data you have access to when you get your business set up with software such as Arborgold. Data is power, and having access to things such as messaging, pricing, estimates, and reporting can help you increase revenue, run a more happy and effective team, and ultimately ensure you build your business successfully. Take a demo or talk to an Arborgold rep today.