Upselling Lawn Care Services to Existing Customers

upselling lawn care services

Upselling lawn care services to existing customers may not be top of mind in the summertime when you’re super busy.

Like many lawn care businesses in the spring and summer, you have too many customers, while in the fall and winter you can get enough.

Fall is around the corner. Fewer new calls are coming in with a request for estimates and new jobs.  A slight panic nudges, “will I have enough work for the winter”?  Your payroll day comes around faster each week, and the bank account begins to dry up.

Don’t panic!

Below is a sure method to help you start selling lawn care services to your existing customers.

The Plan for Upselling Lawn Care Services

Planning ahead is your strategic gateway to success, the key to upselling lawn care services to your existing customers is in your existing database.

Your database and proper planning for the seasonality of your business puts you in the driver seat, in control of your business and the future of your earned income.

upselling lawn care servicesWhat services can you upsell to your lawn care customers?

Take a deep dive and look into your customer database and see what services existing customers had versus the other services you offer.

After doing that you’ll instantly know what lawn care services you can upsell to your customers.

You might be surprised to find that hundreds of customers that haven’t signed up for services you provide.

You might find customers that had a lawn fertilization program, but didn’t sign up for the lawn coring and aeration.


Those customers may not have realized you offered those services, because they weren’t looking for them at the time.

After you compile a list of customers that could benefit for fall aeration, send the list a offer they can’t refuse. This…. is exactly how successful companies are upselling lawn care services.

Using software, like QuickBooks will prove difficult at best to produce a comparative list. Fortunately a specialized database like Arborgold makes that task easy to do in just a few minutes, versus hours laboring over customer comparative records.

Ready, set, go start up upselling!

Now your ready to send the offer to introduce and start upselling lawn care services. Be sure to offer the service with a early sign up discount and a deadline for signing up. If you leave the offer open ended the urgency won’t be apparent, and the proposal will sit in a pile of other timeless offers on the kitchen counter.

Make a list of all the accepted jobs as they start piling in! Be sure to thank your customers for their commitment to your company and the services you offer. Store up your list of new jobs for the fall and winter.

Want to learn more about how software can make database marketing and upselling customers through renewals simple? Take an Arborgold product tour here.

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