top 10 lawn care business website tips

Top 10 Things to Include in Your Lawn Care Business Website

First impressions make a world of difference. Sometimes that first impression is a yard sign, a door hanger, a business card, or your lawn care business website.

Directory services and referrals are another first impression that can catch potential customers’ interest and leave them wanting more.

But your website should always fill in the gap while providing customers with the detailed information they need. It’s a place that allows you to warm up to potential customers and start building your new relationships before that inbound call.

By telling people more about what you do, where you do it, and how people enjoy your services, you’re participating in the essential marketing for your business.

Simply said... Your website is the link between potential client and longtime customer.

So when you’re looking to make that best first impression..

Here are 10 Things to Including in your Lawn Care Business Website:

Include a lead form encouraging readers to “Get a quote!”

“Give us your name, email, and phone number and we’ll send you a quote.” Lead forms allow potential customers to get you their information fast. Use lead forms on the contact page of your lawn care business website or at the bottom of each page where applicable.

Make your contact information easy to find.

Be sure to include your phone number or a click to call button in your header or menu at the top of your website. Don’t make customers search for your contact info. The easier it is to find, the more likely they are to pick up the phone.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Your lawn care business website should be viewable on a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone. Ensure your website can be read anywhere your clients are.

Include a list of testimonials.

We all love to see and hear about great experiences; plus, it adds credibility to your company. Get genuine feedback from current customers and showcase the extraordinary things you do.

Include an image gallery.

If a picture says a thousand words imagine what a gallery full of pictures would say! Take the time to showcase your hard work, especially when you offer multiple services. Show what you can do.

List the services you provide.

From recurring mows to yard cleanups, fertilizing, shrubbery pruning, or even aeration – if you do it, list it!

Share your certifications or specialties.

You’ve worked hard; share what you’ve done. It might be the one thing that puts you over and above a competitor. Remember to include chemical or organic lawn care if you provide it.

Let people know who you serve?

Residential customers? Commercial customers? Government agencies? All of the above? When visitors can identify themselves with your website, you win.

lawn care website layoutWhat territories do you serve?

Make sure visitors know where you do business by city, zip code, or county.


Register your business with Google My Business.

Get your business listing on Google My Business to start building your company’s online visibility.

PRO TIP #2: Do I include pricing on my lawn care website?

People always ask about whether or not to include pricing on websites.

There is no easy answer.

But I would start by asking yourself, “Do we run our business on package specials”? Or are you known for your quality of service.

What draws customers in? If your pricing is the attraction, put it up. If you're service quality is what sets you apart, leave it off.

Of course, if each property requires a custom quote, we recommend leaving it off the website.

Always remember, your lawn care website builds a connection with your future customers.

From first impressions, to information gathering, to longtime customer communication, your website is what connects you to their lawn care needs.


If you’re looking to speed up the process of capturing new leads from your lawn care business website, how about considering using a CRM system with a web-to-lead form that automatically texts you when someone completes it.  Learn more about how business management software can automate your business, including lead follow-up here.