Lawn Care Local Business Building Strategies

There's good and bad news on finding low cost local business building strategies. In the lawn-care business, managing expenses AND increasing revenue are crucial pillars of success. Accordingly, a major priority for most lawn-care businesses is keeping costs low while aggressively pursuing expansion. Low Cost Local Business Building Strategies

First, the bad news: business development on a budget takes time and effort. Generally, what you save in dollars, you have to make up for in creativity or time-on-task. If you choose to save money by not advertising (for example), you will usually have to spend more time on your lower-cost marketing efforts (cold calling, going door to door, etc). This can complicate matters at your business in terms of time management and logistics.

Now for the good news: with the right strategies and techniques, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your low cost local lawn care business development strategies, increasing customer acquisition as well as retention. By paying close attention to your lead sources, in particular, you can “laser focus” on the most cost effective lead generation strategies and double your investment on strategies that generate the most revenue.

Local Business Building Strategies: Lead Generation

Low cost local lawn care business development strategies always begin with leads. Before any money exchanges hands, you need to find prospects who want what you’re offering.

There are a number of low-cost lead generation strategies you can employ effectively, some of which you’re no doubt using already:

  • Cold calling.
  • Canvassing door to door.
  • Putting up posters in public spaces.

But if you really want to get the maximum bang for your buck, you need to start looking into online lead generation strategies. In particular, using landing pages to collect email addresses. It costs only a few cents to a dollar to advertise a landing page with an email capture form to hundreds of people on Facebook. And if your budget is really hurting, you can send traffic to your lead capture page through cold emails or even social networking; just post your lead gen page to a list of email prospects, or on a relevant Facebook group, and you’re sure to get some signups.

Local Business Building Strategies: Low Cost Lead Source Tracking

Once you start using online lead generation techniques, you unlock a powerful tool: lead source tracking.

Lead source tracking is one of the most powerful low cost local lawn care business development strategies. The idea is simple: keep a record of where your leads are coming from, track and monitor the sources that are generating the most revenue, and increase your investment in these sources accordingly.

If this sounds time-intensive, rest assured there are a number of online tools to make it easier. Most online advertising platforms (such as Google, Facebook and Amazon) provide detailed data on customers who have clicked on your ads, filled in your opt-in forms, and purchased your services. Other applications can help you further streamline your lead generation data to track your lead sources (more on that in a minute).

Tracking Calls And Appointments

Finally, one excellent way of boosting your ROI is to track your calls and appointments. In particular, it helps to track:

  • Sources of calls you take.
  • Number of calls that lead to an appointment.
  • Number of appointments that lead to business.
  • Source of calls/appointments that lead to business vs. those that go nowhere.

Seriously. Tracking this information will help you re-prioritize your investment toward the highest performing clients and lead generation sources.

If you want to take your low cost local lawn care business building strategies to the next level, Arborgold is one app that you want in your arsenal.

At all phases of your business development pipeline, Arborgold provides tools and resources to streamline lead tracking and management.

At the beginning of your lead generation pipeline, you can use Arborgold to create lead capture forms that generate leads automatically. Simply insert the Arborgold short code on any website you’re using to generate leads. Instantly, you will have a lead capture form that can collect email addresses.

*** (not a bad idea?)  Not only that, but when you use Arborgold lead gen pages, you immediately get the full benefit of Arborgold lead source tracking. Any site that has an Arborgold lead capture page or tracking pixel on it will send data to the Arborgold main dashboard, which will then compile detailed data on where all your leads are coming from.

Arborgold’s calls and appointments software provides equally powerful features for tracking calls and appointments. From the online appointment calendar, you can instantly set up appointments for any client who calls in and asks about a project. All appointment data is stored and tracked, so you can later track crucial data such as:

  • The time calls came in.
  • Caller location.
  • Call status (completed vs not completed).
  • And much more.

Arborgold provides a complete, comprehensive system for setting up low-cost local business strategies for your lawn care business

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