The Landscape Business CRM: Doing More Harm than Good?

Smart companies depend on technology to keep in tune with valuable customer relationships. A landscape business CRM is a critical piece to your profitable ecosystem. But it's important to ask yourself, "Is my everyday run-of-the-mill Landscape CRM doing more harm than good?"

Business owners like you are trying to accomplish two things:

  1. Make money on every job.
  2. Keep all your customers happy, referring, and buying more and more of what you offer.

Relationships truly are our most valuable asset. Your landscape CRM software package SHOULD have a direct effect on your revenues. But if the darn thing is is hard to use, lacking industry-specific features, or has poor help and support, your team could actually being do more harm than good when trying to keep up with everyday follow-up and follow through.

Know the signs that your everyday landscape business CRM may be costing you money.

Lack of Detailed Info

Garbage in... Garbage out. A CRM system needs detailed, organized, easy-to access info from anywhere you are.. If you can’t find what you need asap, your customer ends up waiting on you.  That's bad news. When it comes to leads, speed is OFF THE ESSENCE. You can't risk losing your potential clients in the sea of records.  No doubt. You won’t win every lead, but it would be a shame to lose the good ones.

There's nothing complicated to evaluating a landscape CRM system.

Just look for these perfect features:

  • It's easy of use
  • It's flexible for your business
  • It's designed for Landscape Companies
  • It offers additional tools like proposal generators or CAD design tools
  • You can grab detailed history at each contact record, including work orders, phone messages, proposals... all the goods.

Truth is.. You want your customers to think and know you have it all together.


If your CRM platform doesn’t have some automation tools to follow up with your database, money is walking out the back door.  Not sure if you know this but, new customer service revenue can cost you around 90% more than bringing back an old customer with a new service. Your landscape CRM software should be able to help you with cross sell and upsell exercises.


landscape business crm - metrics to measure performance

landscape business crm - metrics to measure performance

Your CRM platform should have reports... and a dashboard so you can see your overall performance.  You need to see what sales is doing and if your marketing is working. When you're not watching, anyting can suffer… It usually hurts at the cash flow balance.

At Arborgold, our everyday landscape CRM system offers an easy-to-use, feature-rich interface that keeps companies organized without feeling overburdened. With Arborgold, you’re automating renewals and sending out customized letters for repeat services. Even if you have a large sales team, Arborgold can send out letters to those reps reminding them of customers who are in need of a follow-up contact.

From marketing to billing, Arborgold’s landscape CRM keeps a detailed history on how contacts respond throughout each sales milestone. And if your sales team is keeping up with the most interested people, you’re making more money.

Ready to dive in to take a peek at the best choice for landscape CRM software?? Take a tour today